First-time RSNA exhibitors

Getting started

We look forward to seeing you at RSNA this year. This overview gives first-time exhibitors the essential benchmarks for getting ready for the event. It provides returning exhibitors with a quick refresher on the essentials.

1. Get your booth ready
2. Visit the RSNA Exhibitor Portal
3. Bookmark our Tools & guides page
4. Reserve hotel rooms for your staff now
5. Register for exhibitor badges when registration opens
6. Prepare to ship your freight


1. Get your booth ready

Need a booth?

Contact Freeman, the show’s general contractor, for booth packages. They can help you select a booth to fit your needs, from basic configurations to customized solutions.                         

Already have your booth?

It’s time to order the items and services that will bring your booth to life. 

Floor covering and liability insurance are mandatory. Many exhibitors order other items, like booth furniture and internet services, as well. 

What to order:

  • Floor covering from Freeman (required) 
  • Tables and chairs from Freeman 
  • Electrical services from Freeman 
  • Lead retrieval from CDS 
  • Internet service from RSNA 
    • Labor to fan internet cables from McCormick Place
    • Internet router rental from Datasis 

Visit Freeman’s website to get started.

Tip: Pay attention to advance order deadlines when ordering to save money. Floor covering is mandatory—avoid paying higher onsite rates by ordering your floor covering in advance.  


2.  Visit the RSNA Exhibitor Portal

It’s your home base for most resources you’ll need for exhibiting at the meeting. Your primary contact will receive an email with login credentials.

Here’s a selection of what you can do from the portal:

  • Access the exhibitor service kit to order services from Freeman and other RSNA-approved contractors
  • Pay your invoice
  • Edit your company profile and online exhibitor listing
  • Make hotel reservations
  • Register for badges
  • View exhibitor newsletters

Access the RSNA Exhibitor Portal.


3. Bookmark our Tools & guides page

You will find yourself visiting this page frequently during your planning process. This page is the hub that connects you to essential checklists, webinars and planning advice including:

  • Deadlines
  • Hotel and travel information
  • Exhibitor best practices
  • Rules and regulations
  • Booth design guidelines
  • Target move-in assignments
  • Logos and promotional tools

Visit the Tools & guides page.

Tip: Set your company up for success with resources from our exhibitor best practices.


4. Reserve hotel rooms for your staff now

It pays to reserve your hotel rooms with RSNA! We’ve negotiated the best rates on hotel pricing for the finest selection of rooms.

You’ll also earn priority points for next year’s exhibit space selection by reserving your hotel rooms in the RSNA hotel reservation system (exclusions apply). Download this guide to learn more about priority points.

Be sure to make reservations early. You’ll have the widest option of hotel rooms.

Reserve your hotel rooms.

Tip: If you reserve hotel rooms before Create-A-Block closes in July, your deposit, guest names, and exact travel dates are not required until September. See the terms and conditions (PDF) for details.


5. Register for exhibitor badges when registration opens 

Registration for exhibitor badges opens in July. You will visit the RSNA Exhibitor Portal to register.

When you register, you can choose how you would like to receive your physical badges:

  • On-site pickup
    • Groups—Send one person from your group to pick up your badges. Watch for an email with scheduling times for pickup.
    • Individuals—Go to any registration location with your photo ID and business card.
  • FedEx or UPS delivery (you must supply your shipper number for this option) 

Tip: Find complete details—including information about inviting your VIP clients using a free guest pass—on our Badge registration page.


6. Prepare to ship your freight

You can choose Freeman or your own carrier to ship your booth and materials to one of these two places:


  • Ship to the advance warehouse
    • Avoid potential carrier wait times on your target move-in date by shipping to the advance warehouse instead.
  • Ship directly to McCormick Place
    • Direct shipments to McCormick place must arrive on your target move-in date.

Review shipping information.

Shipping Labels (available mid-July)


Important dates

  • Target move-in date
  • General move-in
    • This begins for all exhibitors the Friday before the show opens.
    • Your booth must be nearly completed by 6PM on Saturday and fully operational by 9AM on Sunday.
  • Move-out
    • You are not permitted to dismantle your exhibit before 2PM on Thursday, so plan your staffing and travel accordingly.

Shipping labels

You can find mailing information and shipping labels in the service kit. Or, you can download shipping labels directly.


Tip: Loading your freight into McCormick Place yourself? Read the RSNA ASUV policy (available mid-July).


Questions? Contact us!

We’re here to answer any questions. Feel free to email or call RSNA Exhibition Services at or 1-630-571-7850.