Patient-centered care

Your patients look to you to provide guidance, information, comfort and compassion. When you increase engagement, it can lead to a multitude of positive outcomes such as:

  • Improving your patients’ awareness and appreciation of the integral role you play in their health care
  • Enhancing their understanding and comfort with radiology tests and procedures
  • Empowering them to make better-informed decisions about their health care

“Your dedication to the comfort and needs of your patients is beyond measure.”

— Radiology patient, Ohio


Resource for your patients is a free, peer-reviewed resource for your patients to learn about radiology procedures, written in patient-friendly language.

Reading list
Our index to resources about the movement to become patient centered from experts, scientific journals, medical trade publications, mainstream consumer media and videos.
Patient-centered care learning set
A downloadable curriculum of 11 interactive learning modules intended to educate trainees about the importance of patient-centered care.
Patient-centered care continuing education
Visit the Online Learning Center to choose from a variety of educational opportunities to earn CME credit based on your interest, time availability and preferred learning style.