Patient-centered care learning set

Educating residents on the importance of patient-centered care has become a core competency of medical education training programs in the United States. Based on the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) mandate of this instruction, RSNA has developed the Patient-Centered Care Interactive Learning Set. This interactive curriculum of 11 customized learning modules is intended to educate trainees in diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology and integrated interventional radiology residencies.

Learning objectives

  • Sensitize radiology trainees to the importance of patient-centered care
  • Equip radiology trainees with methods and tools to allow them to provide patient-centered care
  • Train the next generation of radiologists as patient-centered radiologists
  • Promote a patient-centered culture in radiology departments and practices

Curriculum framework

We designed the curriculum to be reviewed in small groups with a set of introductory tasks and activities built from RSNA online toolkits. A common theme throughout the modules is role-play, which we believe is an important first step to help prepare learners for more intensive training and real-life scenarios.

Access the learning set

Program directors in diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology and radiation oncology are invited to download this free curriculum to use for their individual learning needs.