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We lead the way in providing the knowledge, training and networking community you need to understand the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging and the implications it has to your practice.

In the ever-changing field of medicine, AI has the potential to redefine medical imaging. AI technology is positioned as the solution to meet increasing demands in clinical imaging while maintaining and improving quality. Although challenges exist, exciting innovation is happening now.

Discover our resources and educational opportunities surrounding deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

AI at RSNA 2020 

Imaging AI in Practice Demo

Get a peek into the future and see how AI could be integrated into your clinical radiology practice.

AI education sessions

Don't miss AI-related sessions on hot topics like AI implications for health equity, ethics of AI in radiology and more.

AI challenge

AI researchers compete by creating algorithms to assist radiologists. Learn more about the 2020 PE Detection Challenge.

AI Showcase

Learn about the latest innovations and technical solutions at AI exhibitor booths and the AI Theater in the AI Showcase.

Tools and images


RSNA’s open data repository for COVID-19 imaging research and education efforts.

Radiology: Artificial Intelligence

Discover the latest peer-reviewed AI research in medical imaging with RSNA's online-only journal.

Data tools and standards

Explore RSNA data standards and tools that will enable the practice of the future.

Education and resources

AI videos

Learn more about AI in radiology and what it means for the profession.

AI online education

Learn on your own time with recorded AI education in our Online Learning Center.

Join the AI Community

Connect with imaging professionals and AI researchers to discuss applications of AI in radiology.

Research grants

Receive funding for your AI research from our R&E Foundation.