Quality Improvement

We understand the importance of educating radiologists on the various aspects of patient care and safety standards. This growing need for implementing patient care activities is supported by independent medical societies, like the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), and the protocol for evaluating quality of care is a key initiative of PCPI®.

This is why we created the Quality Improvement Committee (QIC). This RSNA committee of experts works to develop programs and tools for members that improve quality of care education and research in radiology practice.

Explore all the resources and tools to help you increase your knowledge of quality assessment and improvement.

Quality Improvement Reports
View abstracts that describe quality assessment and improvement initiatives in the field of radiology.
Quality Improvement Certificate Program
Earn recognition from RSNA for your demonstrated level of knowledge in various quality improvement domains.
Quality improvement resources
Increase your quality knowledge with training and education programs from RSNA and other sources.