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RSNA organizes data challenges to spur the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for radiology.

Data challenges engage the radiology community to develop datasets useful for training AI systems to perform clinically relevant tasks. Researchers then compete to create applications that perform defined tasks according to specified performance measures. The goal of each challenge is to explore and demonstrate the ways AI can benefit radiology and improve patient care.

These AI data challenges are organized by the RSNA Radiology Informatics Committee. Please direct questions about the AI data challenge program to

2019: Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection and Classification Challenge  

For the 2019 challenge, we have assembled a dataset of over 25,000 brain CTs contributed by four research institutions and worked with volunteers from the American Society of Neuroradiology to label them for the presence of five types of intracranial hemorrhages. We are now inviting teams of data scientists and radiologists to use this dataset to develop algorithms that can identify and categorize hemorrhages.


Kaggle has recognized the RSNA Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection Challenge as a public good and will provide $25,000 in prize money for the winning entries.

How it works

The challenge will run in two phases.

The training phase runs through Nov. 4. During this phase, participants will use a training dataset, which includes the radiologists’ labels, to develop algorithms that replicate their annotations.

The evaluation phase, from Nov. 4 to Nov. 11, is when participants apply their algorithms to the testing portion of the dataset, which is provided to them with the annotations withheld.

Their results will then be compared to the annotations on the testing dataset and an evaluation metric will be applied to rate their accuracy and determine the winners.

Challenge results will be announced in mid-November and top submissions will be recognized at the AI Showcase at RSNA 2019. For detailed information about this challenge, visit the Kaggle site.

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