Radiology, more than any medical specialty, is positioned to maximize the strengths of AI to improve patient care. Through our first-of-its-kind AI certificate program, renowned peer-reviewed journals, cutting-edge research, and world-class education, RSNA is at the forefront of the practical and ethical application of AI in medical imaging.

Impactful innovation in the medical imaging field is happening now. RSNA is your trusted source to position you as a leader in your subspecialty and in the delivery of improved patient care.

Radiology will continue to lead the way for AI in medicine.

"Like previous cycles of innovation, highly capable AI tools will refocus radiologists on the intellectual activities that brought us to the profession in the first place."

— Curtis P. Langlotz, MD, PhD

As the world’s leading professional radiology organization, RSNA fosters collaboration and provides the AI education, research and tools needed to advance patient care, safety and access. The resources below are your pathway to understanding how to utilize new technology to increase workflow efficiency, bolster diagnostic capabilities, and enhance radiology’s contribution to health care.

RSNAI education

Packed with practical insights and designed with your needs in mind, RSNA’s on-demand and in-person educational opportunities cover a range of AI topics for imaging professionals of all career levels.

RSNAI at the annual meeting

AI is more than just a topic at the RSNA annual meeting—it’s a dynamic force that provides attendees with opportunities to gain practical skills, explore new products and learn from visionaries in the field.

RSNA 2024 information is coming soon!

RSNAI research & data

RSNA fosters the development of ground-truth datasets and aids research to advance the field of AI in health care.

RSNAI community engagement

Connect and collaborate with like-minded radiology professionals from all over the world. Explore ways to get involved and contribute to the advancement of AI in radiology.

RSNAI news

Keep up with the latest AI topics impacting radiology.