Membership FAQs

We’re here to help you navigate the changes to our new 2024 membership plan so you can access the RSNA benefits and services you need. Find answers to common membership questions below.

Why is RSNA changing its membership plan?

Since the start of the Society in 1915, members have been offered a single choice of membership. Today, as we work to serve multiple generations of radiology professionals in an array of practice settings, we need to provide the flexibility and customized experience desired by today’s members.

For 2024, RSNA is pleased to offer a new membership plan that will allow you to select one of three membership packages, accessing the benefits and services of most value to you.

RSNA’s new membership plan enables you to choose a plan that’s right for you, while still providing the industry’s most comprehensive offering of credible, high-quality education, cutting-edge research and essential practical tools designed to position you for success.

When does the new membership plan take effect?

The new membership program took effect in January 2024. RSNA's new membership plan allows you to select one of three membership packages, accessing the benefits and services of most value to you.

Can I keep my prior membership plan?

No. Beginning in 2024, the prior membership structure is no longer available. To access the RSNA research, education and networking resources you value most, you'll need to choose from one of three packages. The Standard package is the closest option to the prior membership plan.

When is the deadline to choose my membership package?

Renewals and applications are now open for 2024. Members can choose from one of three membership packages to access the benefits and services they value most.

New members need to apply for membership by Nov. 15 in order to qualify for a current year membership. Those who apply on Nov. 16 or after will be granted membership for the following year.

Current members who are interested in upgrading their membership package may do so by contacting customer service at any time.

How can I determine which membership package is right for me?

Every RSNA member has a unique set of needs. You can choose the membership package that gives you the features you use most.

Not sure which package is right for you? Take our membership quiz!

Can I change my membership package?

You may change from Basic to Standard or Full Access at any time. You may also change from Standard to Full Access at any time. Membership package changes that require a refund must be submitted within 30 days of payment. Usage of benefits during that time may affect refund eligibility. Contact RSNA Customer Service directly for all membership package changes.

Are there discounts for special membership categories?

Some groups may be eligible for discounted or complimentary RSNA membership. Visit our discounted membership rates page to find out if you qualify.

Does RSNA offer group billing?

Yes! We offer institutions and groups the option to receive one invoice to pay for all their physicians’ membership dues. This alleviates the hassle of tracking individual invoices and submitting paperwork for each physician. 

To sign up, have your administrator complete the group billing request form and email a copy to

Contact us

For additional questions or assistance, please email or call 1-877-776-2636 (in the U.S. and Canada) or 1-630-571-7873 (outside the U.S. and Canada).