Agency guide

Give your clients the best in radiology research. Our agency guide connects you with the resources you need to get our peer-reviewed, academic journals to institutional clients.

Need more information or have a question? Please contact us at or call 877-776-2636 in the U.S. and Canada or 630-571-7873 outside the U.S. and Canada.

New online subspecialty journals

RSNA's bimonthly, online only journals cover the topics of artificial intelligence, cardiothoracic imaging and cancer imaging.

Commission rates

Thank you for bringing the finest in science and education to our community. To show our appreciation for agency efforts to streamline orders and ensure timely payments, we award a 5% discount for online international and domestic subscription orders and a 3% discount for online RSNA licenses and Radiology Legacy Collection orders. Additional commission is not applied to print add-on orders.

Pricing and tier information

Tiers 1 to 4 apply to single site institutions only. Multisite institutions fall under tier 5 and require a licensed subscription.


View 2022 pricing guide (PDF)


1: Associate college — community, technical, further education (U.K.)
2: Baccalaureate or master’s level college/university and nursing, veterinary or dental school
3: Research university without affiliated medical school or patient care facilities
4: Medical school or university with a single medical school or medical center; all medical schools within hospitals must use academic rates
5: Academic consortia or research institute; research university with multiple medical schools and/or medical centers or hospitals; universities that share digital resources


1: 1 to 400 beds
2: 401 to 750 beds
3: 751 to 1,000 beds
4: 1,001+ beds
5: Hospital system


1: Community public library (small scale), general reference public library, nonprofit administration office
5: Government agency and ministry, research institute, state or national public library


5: Corporate (including private practices and law firms); private practice (including medical groups of participating doctors and medical professionals)

RSNA subscription guidelines (PDF)


Print packages

Print packages for Radiology and RadioGraphics may only be purchased at an add-on rate, in addition to online. There is no agency discount included on print packages. Print packages are not available for RSNA subspecialty journals.

Single issues

To purchase a single issue of Radiology, RadioGraphics or RadioGraphics special monograph issue, please contact Agency discount does not apply to single issue orders.

RSNA licenses

RSNA licenses grant expanded user rights and are available to all subscribers. Tier 5 institutions are required to license RSNA content. To request a license quote, please provide the following required information to

  • Corporate, government agency, private practice, law firm, research institute, state or national public library, professional society: number of relevant FTEs (full-time employees), total FTEs and full name and location for all participating sites
  • Academic consortia: full name and address, research level and type of academic institution for each participating institution
  • Hospital system: full name and address of each location and corresponding number of beds

Agency discounts

  • Tier 1 to 4 subscriptions: 5% discount
  • Licenses (tier 5): 3% discount
  • Radiology Legacy Collection: 3% discount

Additional guidelines

  • RSNA does not charge a sales tax; however, subscribers may be responsible for taxes as specified in their country of residence
  • All payments must be made in U.S. currency
  • Payments may be made by check, credit card or wire transfer. Credit card payments are to be faxed to secure fax number

Prices are in effect from Jan. 1, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2020.

Orders and payment

Missing issue claims
If your client has not received the latest issue of Radiology or RadioGraphics, please submit your claim to within 90 days of your intended mail date and RSNA will mail the customer a new copy. RSNA will only mail claims directly to the customer.

All claims for missing issues must include the following information:

  • RSNA customer number
  • End user name and full address
  • Publication title (Radiology and/or RadioGraphics)
  • Publication month/year or volume/issue number
  • Replacement issue shipping address

Online access assistance
Enter your client’s account number on the retrieve login information page.

Change of address
For print and online subscriptions, send the following information to

  • Customer number
  • Customer name
  • Current or previous address
  • New address

Order fulfillment
To ensure that subscription orders are processed correctly and in a timely manner, all orders must include the following information:

  • RSNA customer number (renewal orders)
  • End user name and full address
  • End user email (required for online access)
  • Shipping address
  • Publication title (Radiology, RadioGraphics, Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging, Radiology: Imaging Cancer and/or Radiology Legacy Collection)
  • Subscription format (online only or print and online)
  • Subscription start and end date
  • Subscription type (individual, tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4, or license/multisite)
  • Amount paid (clearly indicate payment amount of each order)

To submit your customer’s subscription order, please send a fax or email on agency letterhead to:

RSNA subscription department
820 Jorie Blvd.
Suite 200
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Fax: 1-630-571-7873

Any subscriptions orders that do not include all of the necessary information needed for processing will be returned.

All print and online orders will have the same begin and end subscription dates. All print orders will begin with the next issue served.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call:
U.S. and Canada: 877-776-2636
Outside of U.S. and Canada: 630-571-7873

Wire payments
Wire payments for subscription orders may be sent using the following bank information. Note: There is a $30 service fee for wire transfer payments.

Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase
Address: 120 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL 60603
Account #: 4184254
ABA #: 071000013
Swift Code: CHASUS33

New order policy
All new subscription orders require subscriber names and addresses to ensure the correct placement of these institutions in RSNA’s pricing tiers.

To avoid delay in journal content delivery, please keep in mind that RSNA will not process orders if the subscriber name, mailing address or email address is missing from the order. We appreciate your help in serving our mutual clients.

Cancellation policy
Cancellation of RSNA journals is accepted within 90 days of the order for both online and online plus print subscriptions. All refunds will be prorated to the date of cancellation notice.

Free online trial
RSNA offers a free online trial with COUNTER usage statistics for all libraries. Complete and submit the online journals trial form to get 90 days of free, unlimited access to Radiology, RadioGraphics, Radiology Legacy Collection, Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging, and Radiology: Imaging Cancer. Learn more about our trials, including terms and conditions, on our free journal trials page.