RSNA Cookie Policy

Our website uses first party cookies according to our policy below, for technical, and analytical purposes, and to facilitate easy sharing of content on social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and YouTube.

First party cookies refer to cookies that are set by our site, and we are the only ones with access to this information. On the other hand, third party cookies or requests allow third parties to have access to the information collected.

What are cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies are files that are downloaded on your computer or mobile device when you visit certain websites. Cookies allow a website to complete certain functions such as identify a user session, recall your preferences (e.g. language), gather information about your browsing habits or show you advertising adapted to your preferences.

We use essential cookies for our legitimate interest in implementing features that allow you to securely navigate the site, and we ask your consent for using analytics cookies (non-essential cookies) so we can measure how you interact with the website content. However, you can withdraw your consent at any time. For additional information see Your Choices

What personal data is collected and what types of cookies do we use?

Cookies and information captured through this site are stored for the retention period indicated below, however you can eliminate these cookies any time before the expiration date.

The types of cookies we use are:
Cookie name
type of cookie, purpose and information collected
Retention period
__insp_slim, __insp_sid, __insp_targlpt, __insp_targlpu, __insp_nv, __insp_wid, __insp_uid
Analytics – Inspectlet. Tracks all user input (mouse movement, mouse clicks, keyboard inputs). We use this information to improve the user experience and error fixing. Tracks IP address. Inspectlet terms.
1 year
__utmb, __utmt, __utma, __utmz, __utmc
Analytics – Google analytics. Tracks user-agent, IP address, etc. Google analytics terms.
session - 2 years
Technical. Load balancing cookie. Used to track which webserver the user is using. session
Preferences. CMS cookie used to track user sessions. Tracks whether or not user is logged into Ektron.
Functionality and tracking. Used by to track user session across site. All users are anonymous for this cookie.
Analytics. Internal CMS analytics. Tracks IP address, user-agent string.
1 year
Functionality and tracking. Unique identifier for each user. Used to track user across site. Users are anonymous.
1 year
Functionality. User’s encrypted user ID. Only present if you are logged into Used to track who the user is and connect them to an RSNA account.
3 months
Functionality. User’s user ID. Only present if you are logged into Used to track who the user is and connect them to an RSNA account.
1 year
Functionality. Encrypted user session data. May contain user IDs for different systems.
Functionality. User’s badge number for the annual meeting. session
Functionality. Encrypted user ID. Used to track the currently logged in user for the DPS system. 2 days

In addition, we also provide links to our social network accounts and have included sharing buttons on our Site(s) to facilitate easy sharing content on social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and YouTube. If you access these pages or use the sharing buttons, cookies from these platforms will be downloaded to your computer for different purposes such as tracking, analytics or advertising. Where applicable the behavior of these cookies conforms to your user settings and choices.

With whom do we share this information?

Information collected through Google Analytics is shared with Google and its partners who may combine it with other information you’ve provided to them or they’ve collected from your use of their services. This information will be stored in Google’s servers in the United States of America according to their privacy practices.

Information collected when you share content or access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and  YouTube will be associated with your account when you are logged into these social networks. By clicking on the symbol of the social network, new cookies and information about you will be collected through these platforms according to the respective privacy policies for those platforms.

Your choices

You can control and delete cookies through your browser settings.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Safari for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Chrome for Android
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Or you can also use the following cookie management and disposal tools:

You can opt-out Google Analytics by downloading and installing the browser plug-in from the following link:

Information on controlling the use of Facebook cookies is available here:
If you have questions or concerns regarding our use of cookies you can email us at You can also contact us at:

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Last Updated: 8/17/18