Awards & recognition

RSNA is pleased to recognize the honorees receiving the RSNA Gold Medal, Honorary Member, Outstanding Educator and Outstanding Researcher Awards.

2024 RSNA Gold Medalists

The Gold Medal is RSNA’s highest honor. It is awarded annually by the Board of Directors to those persons who, in the judgment of the Board, have rendered unusual service to the science of radiology.

The 2024 RSNA Gold Medal winners selected by the RSNA Board of Directors are:

James P. Borgstede, MD
Denver, CO
Elizabeth S. Burnside, MD, MPH
Madison, WI
Beverly G. Coleman, MD
Philadelphia, PA

2024 Honorary Members

RSNA’s honorary members are individuals recognized for their exceptional service to the field of radiology.

The RSNA Board of Directors has awarded Honorary Member designation to:

Adrian P. Brady, FFR(RCSI), FRCR
Cork, Ireland
Maria Helena S. Mendonça, MD, PhD
São Paulo, Brazil
Steven Bak-Siew Wong, MD, MBChB
Singapore, Singapore

2024 Outstanding Educator and Outstanding Researcher

Outstanding Educator

Outstanding Educator Award recipients are pioneers in their specialty who have made significant contributions to radiologic education over the last 15 years.

Petra J. Lewis, MBBS
Lebanon, NH

Outstanding Researcher

Outstanding Researcher Award recipients have made significant contributions to radiology research over the last 15 years that have fundamentally changed the future of the field.

Jeffrey G. Jarvik, MD, MPH
Seattle, WA