Patient-centered care continuing education

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Improving Patient Experience Through Human Design Thinking (2022)

Engaging Patients: Opportunities and Challenges in Lung Cancer Screening (2021)

QI: Low Quality Radiology Requests and the Effect on Radiology Output and Patient Care | Domain: Radiologist Performance Improvement (2021)

Moving Beyond the Gender Binary: Exploring the Gender Spectrum and Diversity in Patient Care, Education, and Research (2021)

Physician-Physician and Physician-Patient Interactions (2021)

QI: Understanding Error and Improvement in Diagnosis | Domain: Radiologist Performance Improvement (2021)

Implementing Patient-centered Care (2020)

Analysis of a Patient-Centered Ridesharing Program to Overcome Transportation Barriers in Access to Advanced Imaging Care (2019)

QI: Patient-centered Care | Domain: Customer Satisfaction (2019)

Using Imaging Informatics to Enable Patient Experience Improvements in Radiology (2019)