Exhibitor FAQs

RSNA is committed to supporting our exhibitors. Browse the topics below to find answers to some of the most frequently asked exhibitor questions.

If you have a more specific question or inquiry, please email the Exhibition Services team at exhibits@rsna.org for further assistance.

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What are the dates, location and hours of RSNA 2024?

The full RSNA annual meeting runs from Sunday, Dec. 1 through Thursday, Dec. 5 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. 

The Technical Exhibits will be open to attendees Sunday, Dec. 1 through Wednesday, Dec. 4 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Technical Exhibits are located in the North and South Halls on Level 3 of McCormick Place.

Will there be a happy hour during RSNA 2024?

Yes! Exhibitors in the Technical Exhibits can participate by placing a catering order for small bites and beverages at their booths on Tuesday, December 3 from 3-5 p.m. (Order form coming mid-July)

Exhibit Hall Happy Hour is a time for attendees to connect with exhibitors, colleagues and friends in a relaxed and social atmosphere.  

I am interested in exhibiting. How do I start?
Please reach out to our sales team at sales@rsna.org for assistance with purchasing booth space. 

Booth Planning

What is the Exhibitor Service Kit? How can I access it?

The Exhibitor Service Kit is an online resource that houses vital information that exhibitors need as they prepare for the annual meeting.  

Inside you'll find forms and resources including: 

  • Booth design approval 
  • Lead retrieval solution rental 
  • A complete list of official RSNA contractors
  • Shipping labels and material handling information
  • Additional exhibitor activities like booth presentations, raffles, giveaways and more

View the Exhibitor Service Kit 

How/when can I submit my booth design? What are the booth design guidelines?

The deadline to submit booth designs is Aug. 31.

Booth approval forms:

  • Peninsula booth (coming mid-July)

  • Island booth (coming mid-July)

  • Mobile/transportable booth (coming mid-July)

Note: Inline booths are not required to submit a design for review but do need to follow the inline booth guidelines. Please email exhibits@rsna.org if you need help reviewing your inline booth design.

Booth design guidelines:

When are payments due for my booth? How do I make a booth payment?
Booth payments are due as follows:  

  • Jan. 1—25% deposit due 

  • April 1—Second 25% deposit due 

  • July 1—Final payment due 

You can pay by credit card in the Exhibitor Resource Center or use the link on the bottom of your invoice. Any payment amounts over $20,000 must be made via wire transfer or check. 

You can download a copy of your invoice at any time by clicking the "Pay or Download Invoice" tile in the ERC. 
How do I register my approved Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) for my booth?
Exhibitors can hire their own contractor for booth services but are required to register the company as an EAC (Exhibitor Appointed Contractor). You can complete EAC registration in the Exhibitor Resource Center under the “EAC Registration” tile. (coming mid-July) 

Exhibitors can utilize any general contractor of their choosing for booth construction but can also rent turnkey exhibits from our general contractor, Freeman if needed. Please contact Freeman directly for a booth design estimate at solutions@freeman.com
What are target move-in dates? Where can I find mine?
Target move-in assignments are the date/time that your freight must arrive at McCormick PlaceYour company's target move-in date and time can be found on the target move-in assignments page. 
Where/how do I ship materials for our booth?

Shipping information can be found under the Shipping & Material Handling section of the Exhibitor Service Kit. 

International shipping information can be found on the International exhibitors page.

Can I use the free Wi-Fi that is in McCormick Place? Should I purchase hardline internet service?

There is complimentary wireless internet throughout McCormick Place provided by McCormick Place. This service is designed for casual users and is not guaranteed.  

If you are relying on the internet to showcase your product/service or to perform a live presentation from your booth, we strongly recommend purchasing a hardline internet connection (RSNAnet) for consistent service. 

Orders can be placed through the "RSNAnet" tile in the Exhibitor Resource Center. (coming mid-July)

Additional information can be found in the Exhibitor Service Kit under the Internet/Network Service section. 

What are RSNA's booth cancellation terms?

Per the RSNA Technical Exhibits Space Terms and Conditions which are part of your contract, written notification of cancellation or reduction of exhibit space must be received by the RSNA Technical Exhibits department on or before the dates specified in your contract and on the dates and deadlines page. 

To formally cancel your space, you are required to complete and return a Space Change form to exhibits@rsna.org. When inquiring, RSNA staff will send you this required form.

Exhibitor Planning 

How can I make a hotel block reservation?

To learn more about hotel block reservations, visit our exhibitor hotel and travel information page.

What is space selection? Where can I find my space selection date/time?
The space selection process takes place onsite at McCormick Place and provides an opportunity for contracted exhibitors to select their booth position for the next year’s annual meeting.  

Your space selection date/time will be available in early November and can be found under the "Priority Points" tile in the Exhibitor Resource Center. It will also be emailed to the primary, secondary and marketing contacts on file for your organization. 
More information about space selection can be found on the Planning your exhibit page via the RSNA 2025 Technical Exhibits Priority Point System document.  The Technical Exhibits Priority Point System was developed to recognize a company’s support of RSNA and reward exhibitors for upholding meeting policies during their previous exhibit participation.
How do I host an off-site event at a hotel in Chicago?

RSNA exhibitors are permitted to host off-site meetings and events. We require you to complete the online form available on our meeting and function space rental page.  

Once approved, we will send the information to your preferred venue so they can move forward with contracting your function.  

Please note: If you have a formal educational presentation as part of your event, it will qualify as a Satellite Symposium. Satellite Symposiums are subject to a separate application process and you will be required to pay a sponsorship fee.  

To learn more, visit our Satellite Symposium page or contact sales@rsna.org.

How do I add a user/contact to my account in the Exhibitor Resource Center? 
Login to the Exhibitor Resource Center (ERC) and click “Users” on the left navigation menu. Click “Add New User” at the top of the page and fill out all of the required fields. Click “Add New User” at the bottom of the page to submit the information. Your colleague will then be sent an email to create their own login information for the ERC.  

Please note that adding your colleague as a user only grants them access to the ERC, it does not make them an official company contact on file for your organization. 

If you’d like to also make them a company contact, click the “Company Information” section on the homepage of the ERC. When you scroll down, you will see fields to make them either a primary contact, secondary contact, marketing contact or accounting contact. Click the edit button on any contact to enter and submit their information. 

To learn more, please see these instructions from Map Your Show: ERC Log In | Adding Users and ERC Log In | Contacts without Access 

For more help with the Exhibitor Resource Center, please contact exhibits@rsna.org or help@mapyourshow.com
Where can I view past exhibitor webinars/virtual office hours? 
To view past webinars, please visit our Exhibitor best practices page

To view past virtual office hour recordings, please contact exhibits@rsna.org.

Badge Information

How many exhibitor badges do I receive with my booth?

Each exhibiting company receives five (5) complimentary badges for each 100 square feet of exhibit space purchased.  

An exhibitor badge allows access to the Technical Exhibits, the Learning Center, virtual industry presentations and educational sessions (if space permits, after all badged professional attendees have entered).  

You can purchase badges over your allotment by selecting the "Registration" tile in the Exhibitor Resource Center. The charge for each additional exhibitor badge is $100. 

The reprint fee for a lost exhibitor badge is $50. 

To learn more about badge allotment, please visit our exhibitor badge registration page.

What does the complimentary guest pass allow access to?
Each RSNA exhibitor is allotted a number of guest passes based on their booth size.  

We encourage you to share guest passes with your current and prospective customers who you would like to see at the RSNA annual meeting. Guest passes are not intended to be used by company representatives. 

Each of your guests will receive a Technical Exhibits Only Pass (TEO). The Technical Exhibits Only Pass is valid for the full duration of the Technical Exhibits (December 1-4) and includes access to the exhibit halls, industry presentations and online access to the virtual exhibition.  

NOTE: Your guests will need to register as a full professional attendee if they wish to attend educational sessions or earn CME. 

To learn more about guest passes and how they are allotted, please visit our exhibitor badge registration page

To send a guest pass, log in to the Exhibitor Resource Center and click the "Registration" tile. Then, click on Guest Passes in the left navigation menu. 

Marketing Resources

What sponsorship opportunities are available at the annual meeting?
To view available sponsorship opportunities, visit our annual meeting sponsorship page or contact our sales team at sales@rsna.org for more information. 
Can I receive a list of registered attendees before the annual meeting?

Yes. Attendee lists are available for purchase closer to the date of the annual meeting (coming late August/early September) and are only available to confirmed RSNA exhibitors.  

There are two attendee list purchase options available. Telephone, fax numbers and email addresses are not provided with either option and the list only includes attendees who have chosen to opt-in to share their data with our exhibitors. 

To purchase the RSNA attendee list, select the "Registration" tile in the RSNA Exhibitor Resource Center. Names of registered attendees cost $0.15 per name, with a minimum order of $75.  

Please note: Exhibitor personnel are not included on the attendee registration list; only professional attendee registrants.

How can I promote my organization's involvement in the annual meeting? Can we use RSNA's logo on our social media pages?

Learn more about promoting your involvement in the annual meeting by visiting our Logos and promotional tools page.

Plus, you can tell your social network you’ll be exhibiting at RSNA 2024 using our social sharing tool.