Dates and deadlines

Review important dates and note the deadlines you need to make your RSNA 2024 exhibit a success.

December 2023
Dec. 1, 2023 Last day to earn two early priority points for reserving hotel rooms through the RSNA hotel reservations system.
Dec. 31, 2023 Last day to cancel or reduce space without penalty.
January – March 2024
Jan. 1 25% deposit due; earn two priority points for paying deposit by due date.
Jan. 1–March 31 25% of the rental fee due on canceled or reduced space.
March 6 Request a Block (25 or more rooms on peak night) hotel assignments emailed; Credit card required to guarantee room block.
April – June 2024
April 1 Second 25% deposit due; earn two additional priority points for paying second deposit by due date.
April 1–June 30 50% of the rental fee due on canceled or reduced space.
April 30 RSNA 2023 attendee list request deadline.
June 30 Last day to adjust Request a Block hotel room blocks (25 rooms or more on peak night) without penalty.
July 2024
July 1 Final exhibit space payment due; earn two additional priority points for paying final balance by due date.
July 1 (or after) 100% of the rental fee due on canceled or reduced space.
July 1–Sept. 4  Hotel attrition fee applies. $100 per room when reducing number of peak night rooms (Monday, Dec. 2) by more than 20% in Request a Block hotel room block (25 rooms or more on peak night).
July 17
  • Exhibitor Service Kit available
    • Official RSNA contractors
    • View Show Schedule on FreemanOnline
  • Target move-in assignments released
  • Exhibitor online directory launches for attendees
  • Exhibitor function space request system opens
July 31 Headquarter office space application deadline.
August 2024
Early August Exhibitor registration opens.
Aug. 31

Booth designs due for review and approval:

  • Island booth (PDF available mid-July)
  • Mobile booth (PDF available mid-July)
  • Peninsula booth (PDF available mid-July)
Please note: Inline booths do not need to submit their booth design but must adhere to the Inline Booth Guidelines (PDF).
September 2024
Early September Attendee list requests open in the exhibitor registration dashboard.
Sept. 4 Hotel rooming lists and deposits due.
Sept. 5

Hotel rooms without names assigned are automatically released.

Hotel cancellation fee begins ($200 per reservation).

Sept. 30 Meeting suite application deadline.
October 2024
Oct. 3 Hotel cancellation fee changes to one night’s room and tax for each canceled room reservation.
Oct. 15
  • EAC registration deadline (EAC FAQs)
  • Booth photography/videography request form due (PDF available mid-July)
  • RSNAnet hardline internet advance rate pricing deadline 

Booth activity forms due:

  • Booth presentation request (PDF available mid-July)
  • Live scanning request (PDF available mid-July)
  • Press conference request (PDF available mid-July)
  • Giveaway request (PDF available mid-July)
  • Raffle notification (PDF available mid-July)
Oct. 30 Exhibitor webinar – RSNA 2025 Onsite Space Selection Process Overview
Oct. 31
  • Exhibit space application deadline.
  • Last day to earn three additional priority points for reserving hotel rooms through the RSNA hotel reservation system.
November 2024
Nov. 13

Hotel reservations close; Last day to make name/date changes without penalty. 

Nov. 15–19 Hotel reservations system is closed. (Reservations transferred to hotels at close of business on Nov. 15; No changes can be made during this period.)
Nov. 19 Hotels begin accepting reservation changes and cancellations (some penalties may apply).
Nov. 21 Move-in begins (onsite freight accepted per target assignments).
Nov. 29 General move-in begins (exhibits must be nearly complete by Nov. 30 at 4:30 p.m. and show-ready by Dec. 1 at 9 a.m.).
Nov. 30 ASUV ramp open for exhibitor self-load-in (View ASUV PDF–available mid-July– for times and guidelines).
December 2024
Dec. 14 The Technical Exhibits are open Sunday to Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Dec. 4 ASUV ramp open for exhibitor self-load-out (View ASUV PDF–available mid-July–for times and guidelines).
April 2025
April 30, 2025 RSNA 2024 attendee list request deadline.