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    October 01, 2013


    Residents and Fellows Help RSNA Shape Radiology’s Future

    As my tenure as Chair of the RSNA Resident and Fellow Committee (RFC) comes to an end, it’s a good time to take a look back at what we have accomplished and look forward to what is yet to come. The RFC started as a group of 23 members-in-training, all with the common goal of improving the educational experience through the RSNA. At the risk of sounding like pioneers, our accomplishments have far exceeded what we thought was possible.

    Fellowship Connect was developed to help residents find fellowships that suited their needs based on their own search criteria. The goal was to ease the process of fellowship searches. Our database of fellowships has grown to include fellowships accredited by the ACGME and many which are not, which are sometimes difficult to track down. More than 40,000 hits from inside and outside the U.S. attest to the success of our efforts.

    We then posed the question, “What are our needs as graduating residents and fellows that our training programs don’t always incorporate into the curricula?” The result was the Resident and Fellow Symposium. Our inaugural 2011 program was dedicated to helping prepare trainees to negotiate job offers and to recognize potentially costly errors. Last year, we sponsored a legal session to help trainees understand contracts and avoid pitfalls. In 2013, we are focusing on career survival skills and how to stay essential to your job. We have had more than 500 attendees so far and are looking forward to more exciting offerings in the future.

    With the changing board certification system, residents need guidance to prepare for the new exam. I can remember my oral board preparation and how many of my co-residents would share RadioGraphics articles and links to useful websites that served as valuable study tools. We distilled large amounts of information from journals and the Web into what we felt were essential learning points.

    In the near future, the RFC will unveil the RSNA Education Portal, a feature within myRSNA that residents can use to upload their favorite links so that everyone can benefit from sharing resources through a central site. The editorial teams from Radiology and RadioGraphics are also participating by tagging articles that are appropriate for trainees.

    RSNA has been incredibly supportive of the RFC by providing us with a wealth of resources and helping to bring our ideas to fruition. In the future I would like to see the RFC develop additional RSNA programming and scholarships for international outreach work. Everyone can benefit from studying the challenges in healthcare from a global perspective. It has been an honor and a privilege to chair this committee. I am certain the committee will continue to exceed all expectations.

    Read more about RSNA 2013 Residents and Fellows programming and activities here.

    Aparna Annam, D.O.
    Aparna Annam, D.O., is an assistant professor at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado in Aurora, specializing in diagnostic pediatric radiology and pediatric interventional radiology. Dr. Annam chairs the RSNA Resident and Fellow Committee.
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