RSNA Global Learning Center in Armenia to Focus on MSK and IR

Faculty announced to help support international radiology education and patient care

Narek Martinyan, MD

The RSNA Global Learning Center (GLC) in Shengavit Medical Center in Yerevan, Armenia will focus its curriculum on musculoskeletal and interventional imaging. 

The on-site host faculty includes Program Director, Narek Matinyan, MD, head of the MRI Department at Shengavit Medical Center.  Dr. Matinyan will be joined by Hayk Gyurjyan, MD; Ani Shirvanyan, MD; Tatevik Ghazaryan, MD; Varduhi Narimanyan, MD; and Nane Harutyunyan, MD. 

“Collaborating with visiting faculty members will provide an excellent opportunity for knowledge and cultural exchange. Radiologists from different institutions bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise, enriching the educational experience for all involved,” Dr. Matinyan said. “Visiting faculty members will offer specialized training in particular areas of radiology that are not commonly available in our country. This can help broaden the skill set of radiologists at the hospital and enhance patient care.”

RSNA Global Learning Center in Armenia 1

RSNA's GLC at Shengavit Medical Center in Yerevan, Armenia, is underway. Staff met with faculty recently to assess education needs and discuss the goals of the program.  

Visiting faculty includes Program Director, Jay Shah, MD, pediatric interventional radiologist at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and assistant professor in the Emory University School of Medicine Department of Radiology and Department of Pediatrics; Anne Covey, MD, interventional radiologist from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York; Avneesh Chhabra, MD, MBA, chief, Musculoskeletal Radiology, UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX; and Jennifer Weaver, MD, section chief, Musculoskeletal Imaging, University of Texas-San Antonio.   

RSNA Global Learning Center in Armenia 3

During the onsite visit, Karena Galvin, RSNA deputy executive director (center) met with Narek Matinyan, MD, GLC program director and head of the MRI Department at Shengavit Medical Center (left) and Lena Nanushyan, Armenia Deputy Minister of Health (right). 

Over the next three years, the visiting and host faculty will work together to develop a customized educational plan, including a curriculum with hands-on training, didactic lectures, conferences, online courses and other education offerings. Equipment and technical assistance will also be provided based on the needs of the site.

“The most important pieces of education for the radiologists at Shengavit Medical Center are quality improvement and patient safety; advanced and innovative imaging techniques; subspecialty training; interpretation skills; and AI in radiology,” Dr. Matinyan said. “We look forward to the networking opportunities for our radiologists, enabling them to build professional connections, exchange ideas and potentially collaborate on research or clinical projects in these topic areas and others.”

RSNA Global Learning Center in Armenia 2
While onsite, Karena Galvin, RSNA deputy executive director (center) met with radiology department team members from Shengavit Medical Center.  

Volunteer faculty members will also travel to Yerevan to learn about the GLC’s educational needs. The team will present lectures and provide hands‐on training and point‐of‐care opportunities. The visiting faculty, in close consultation with the on-site faculty, will design and present an educational plan tailored to the needs of the GLC using RSNA educational resources.

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