RSNA 2022 Trending Topics

Program Highlights

Breast Imaging

• Case Based Breast Review: Focus on CEM & Mammography including Tomosynthesis

• AI in Breast Imaging: Implementation in Routine Clinical Practice

Cardiac Radiology

• 24h Coronary CT Program: Unnecessary, Optional or Essential?

• Imaging of Transcatheter Intervention: Planning Novel Therapies Beyond the Aortic Valve

Chest Radiology

• Fundamentals of Diffuse Lung Disease

• Thoracic Imaging Practice - Polling Session

Emergency Radiology

• Pediatric Trauma: A Case-based Session

• Non-traumatic Musculoskeletal Emergencies

Gastrointestinal Radiology

• Case-based Review of GI Imaging

• Dual- and Multi-energy CT of the Abdomen and Pelvis

Genitourinary Radiology

• GU Essentials! A Case-Based Audience Participation Session

• GU Tumor Boards: How to Bring Value and Become Indispensable

Head and Neck

• Can’t Touch This: Distinguishing Between Actionable and Non-Actionable Lesions of the Brain, Spine, Skull Base and Neck

• Best Head and Neck Cases of 2022 From the Experts


• Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity in Healthcare

• New Modeling Approaches for Radiology AI

Interventional Radiology

• Basic Science and Technology Highlights in IR

• Metastatic Disease and Palliative Care Interventions

Molecular Imaging

• Chest Imaging: When Molecular Imaging Helps

• Neurologic Molecular Imaging: Read with the Experts


• Imaging Considerations in Challenging Populations

• Immunotherapy: New Paradigms for Interpretation and Imaging

Musculoskeletal Radiology

• The AI Revolution in MSK: Hot Topics

• Spine Degeneration and Inflammation: Misses that Matter

Noninterpretive/Practice Management

• The Resonant Leader: Stories of Impactful Leaders

• Innovations for Follow-up and Tracking Communications

Nuclear Medicine

• Nuclear Cardiology Update 2022: Read with the Experts

• Prostate Cancer Theranostics


• Advanced (But Not So New) MRI Techniques (Perfusion, Spectroscopy, DTI, fMRI): What Is the Role in Clinical Practice in 2022?

• Post-treatment Gliomas (Case-based)

Pediatric Radiology

• Artificial Intelligence in Pediatric Radiology

• Pediatric Imaging Protocols


• Innovations in MRI

• Advanced Ultrasound Technology and Applications

Radiation Oncology

• CNS Case-based Multidisciplinary Review

• Pediatric Case-based Multidisciplinary Review

OB/Gynecology Imaging

• Postpartum Complications: Head to Toe

• Adenomyosis Update 2022: Clinical, Diagnostic and Reporting Challenges

Vascular Imaging

• Imaging of Acute Coronary Syndrome

• Multimodal Imaging of Vascular Anatomy and Vascular Variants

Associated Sciences/ASRT

• Imaging Transgender Patients: What the Radiologic Technologist Needs to Know

• Design Insights Drive the Patient Experience