RSNA 2021 Trending Topics


This category, which also encompasses emergency radiology, has several important trending topics, including deep learning for unique ED cases, multisystem oncologic imaging and AI, and AI and machine learning in emergency radiology.

Several sessions focus on COVID-19, including Radiology Department Pandemic Response – Lessons Learned and Preparing for the Next Contagion.

Trauma review and update sessions include Review and Update on Blunt and Penetrating Thoracic Trauma and Review and Update on Blunt and Penetrating Abdominopelvic Trauma.

Attendees are welcome to attend a new game show style format session, Exciting Radiology Game Show: What’s Your Emergency? Life in the STAT Lane. This subspecialty also includes two gaming sessions focused on RSNA Case Collection with audience interaction, Bring On Your Game: Hot Seat Review of the Best of the Case Collection.

Additional sessions of interest are Multimodality Lymphatic Imaging: Update, Challenges and Opportunities and Forensic Imaging

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