Moving Forward with DEI and Health Equity in Radiology

RSNA proactively working toward more diversity in volunteer and leadership positions

Long before the formation of RSNA’s Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (CDEI) in 2018, RSNA exemplified gender diversity in its leadership. And since the CDEI’s first meeting, the Society has highlighted DEI issues in the profession and affected change where possible.

While women have long been instrumental in the Society’s leadership, at the CDEI’s recommendation in 2020, RSNA began requiring unconscious bias training for all committee chairs, editorial board members and program planners. The RSNA Board also issued a directive to RSNA leaders to be more intentional in making recommendations for committee members, faculty, presenters and other volunteers to better reflect the membership, adding:

“Considering the key role that leaders and faculty play in attracting underrepresented groups to the profession, in an effort to further diversify the profession, RSNA aspires to increase leadership and faculty diversity beyond that which is representative of the profession to more closely reflect the patients we serve.”

To proactively work toward more diversity in volunteer and leadership positions in RSNA and to have a more complete picture of its membership, the Society has begun collecting more information from its members regarding race/ethnicity and non-binary gender data.

Recently, more than 100 RSNA members have volunteered for the CDEI. With so many members committed to DEI causes but limited slots on the committee itself, the Society surveyed the volunteers to better understand their specific DEI interests and passions. RSNA is now identifying projects, programs and opportunities to enlist their assistance in improving the DEI outlook for the profession.

The CDEI also assisted in the creation of a statement of RSNA’s formal Commitment to DEI ( In collaboration with the Professionalism Committee, the CDEI drafted the Society’s Welcoming Environment statement ( promoting RSNA’s commitment to provide a safe space for all participants in RSNA events and activities and to encourage a culture of allyship.

RSNA has recently participated in other programs and policies to implement change, including but not limited to:

• Increased the number of RSNA Board of Directors positions to enable more diverse voices and experience to the Society’s leadership.

• Appointed CDEI member Jinel Scott, MD, as RSNA representative to the Radiology Health Equity Coalition.

• Supported ABR’s proposed policy for parental/family/medical leave allowing for 12 weeks leave without extension of training for eligibility requirement.

• Established RSNA minority medical student grants that empower minority students to engage in medical imaging research earlier in their career, with support from the R&E Foundation.

And this year, as always, RSNA 2021 has a plethora of courses, scientific presentations, lectures and exhibits related to DEI and health equity, several of them sponsored by the CDEI.

We hope to see you in Chicago as we continue learning from each other and making progress toward a more diverse, inclusive and equitable environment for ourselves, our colleagues and our patients.

RSNA 2021: Sessions on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Health Equity/Disparities

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Educational Courses

Sunday, Nov. 28

• Taking Action to Promote Gender Inclusion and Equity in Radiology: Opportunities for Leadership and Academic Development (Sponsored by RSNA Professionalism Committee)

• Addressing Organizational Bias, Opportunity for Allyship, and Inclusive Leadership


Monday, Nov. 29

• Moving Beyond the Gender Binary: Exploring the Gender Spectrum and Diversity in Patient Care, Education, and Research (Sponsored by RSNA CDEI)

• Inclusion as a Key to Success of Diversity Efforts (Sponsored by RSNA CDEI)

• Flexible Work Arrangements and Their Impact on Advancement of Women in Radiology (Sponsored by the American

Association for Women in Radiology)

• A Primer for Health Equity Research: Essential Skills for Health Equity & Disparities Research in Radiology (Sponsored by the RSNA Research Development Committee)


Tuesday, Nov 30

• The Experiences of Black Radiologists

(Sponsored by RSNA CDEI)


Wednesday, Dec. 1

• Plenary Lecture: Addressing the Continued Exclusion of Black Physicians in the US Radiation Oncology Workforce

• Trailblazers in Health Equity: Lessons Learned & Leadership Opportunities to Advance Health Equity in Radiology and Beyond (Sponsored by RSNA CDEI)


Scientific Presentations and Education Exhibits

• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Analysis of IMG Applicants Experience in the 2020 Diagnostic Radiology Residency Match

• Resonant and Diverse Teams for Patient Centered Care

• Delivering Informed and Inclusive Imaging Care to Transgender Patients

• How We Got Here: A Review of Anti-Black Discrimination and Inequities in Radiology

Embracing Diversity in Radiology: Understanding Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility