RSNA 2019 Trending Topics


Quantitative imaging and its challenges are the focus of several sessions where attendees can learn about the RSNA Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance (QIBA), methods for using quantitative imaging in CT, PET-CT and DCE-MRI, and the role of quantitative imaging in clinical trials.

Making Patients and Staff Safer in Interventional Procedures focuses on patient dose management, staff protection and creating institution-wide dose tracking and audit programs.

Radiomics: Promise and Challenges provides an overview of radiomics and the role of DL in radiomics, while additional sessions focus on radiomics in oncology and the role of image annotations in radiomics.

Attendees looking for innovations in MR and CT perfusions will find sessions on dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC)-MRI in brain tumors and perfusion imaging in cerebrovascular disease. Innovations sessions focusing on MR and dual- and multi-energy CT include Innovations in Medical Imaging Physics with Deep Learning, which helps demystify DL from a physicist’s perspective.

Attendees interested in interventional radiology should attend, Optimization and Technology in Interventional Radiology

Education exhibits of note include photon counting CT and dual-energy techniques, computational neural network methodologies for CT and dark field X-ray imaging.

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