RSNA 2019 Trending Topics

Nuclear Medicine

This year’s topics of interest include PET applications, central nervous system (CNS) imaging and prostate cancer imaging.

The Hot Topic Session Patient-facing Nuclear Medicine Clinics for Prostate Cancer focuses on nuclear medicine therapy care coordination and the challenges of creating patient-facing clinics. The Nuclear Medicine Series New PET Tracers for Prostate Cancer features the logistics for incorporating new PET tracers into practice and showcases the new and future PET tracers for prostate cancer.

Innovations in Hybrid Imaging focuses on PET/CT, PET/MR and SPECT/CT. The Review of Pediatric Nuclear Medicine will review pediatric nuclear medicine in gastroenterology, genitourinary and musculoskeletal cases.

An update on radionuclide therapies highlights thyroid cancer, neuroendocrine tumors and hepatic artery infusion therapy.  

Advances in Cardiac Nuclear Imaging: SPECT/CT and PET/ CT offers an update on the technical advancements of SPECT/ CT and PET/CT cameras. Those looking for a whole-body PET/MRI update should attend Emerging Technology: PET/MRI Update 2019.

Attendees looking for an update on tumor imaging should attend, Metabolic Tumor Imaging: Current and Beyond

Education exhibits of note include several on CNS imaging in nuclear medicine, next generation PET agents for prostate cancer and imaging techniques for the detection of bone metastases. 

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