RSNA 2019 Trending Topics

Multisystem/Special Interest

The use of radiomics and quantitative image analysis are featured in Radiomics: Informatics Tools and Databases, Machine Learning and Radiomics in MRI and Radiomics: From Image to Radiomics.

An overview of imaging genomics is a feature of Radiomics: Oncologic Applications, especially for breast cancer, brain cancer and hepatic malignancies.

The symposium Healthy Aging Reimagined – A Multidisciplinary Approach discusses the role of imaging in healthy aging across numerous body systems and the mind-body connection to aging.

Other trending topics include CT dose monitoring in adults and children, cone beam CT acquisition and reconstruction in radiotherapy, and imaging evaluation after stereotactic radiotherapy especially for liver, head and neck cancers, as well as spinal metastases.

Look for sessions, Anatomical MR Imaging for Radiotherapy Planning and Guidance and Quantitative Imaging: Image Modality Specific Issues

Numerous multisystem education exhibits focus on the use of AI, ML and neural networks for diagnostic imaging in different types of cancer.

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