RSNA 2019 Trending Topics

Emergency Radiology

Trauma is one of the most provocative topics discussed in Emergency Radiology (ER) this year and is featured in the Hot Topic Session, Mass Casualty Incidents – When Disaster Strikes.

The use of imaging algorithms is the topic for Hands-on Artificial Intelligence for Non-Coders: How is an Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection Algorithm Created?

The Controversy Session, Contrast Agent Controversies, focuses on contrast use for abdominal and pelvic CT, liver MRI and abdominal US. 

Emergency Imaging of ‘At Risk’ Populations focuses on pediatric and geriatric trauma as well as intimate partner violence. 

One of the Emergency Radiology Series sessions addresses whole-body CT of trauma, including diaphragmatic, bowel and pancreatic trauma, while the second addresses current imaging of the acute abdomen including US of the first trimester pregnancy and renal emergencies.

Also, look for this session, Emergency Radiology: Trauma Imaging New Concepts

Look for education exhibits on topics including CT for head injury, brain MRI protocol, and blunt and penetrating emergency treatment.

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