RSNA to Publish Three New Journals

Online-only subspecialty journals will accept submissions beginning in 2018

RSNA will begin publishing three new subspecialty journals in 2019. The journals will be published solely online and will cover cancer imaging, cardiothoracic imaging and machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI).

  • The cancer imaging journal will address cancer screening, differential diagnosis and treatment planning across imaging subspecialties, organ systems and modalities and present an interdisciplinary perspective on cancer imaging.
  • The cardiothoracic imaging journal will emphasize research advances and technical developments in imaging that drive cardiothoracic medicine.
  • The ML/AI journal will highlight the emerging applications across multiple disciplines.

The new journals will complement Radiology and RadioGraphics and provide a way to keep practicing physicians and imaging researchers up-to-date on the best emerging science in each subspecialty.

RSNA members will receive access to all of these journals as a benefit of membership.

The subspecialty journals will accept new submissions in 2018 and will also provide a forum for transferred submissions within the family of Radiology journals. Each journal will contain a mix of original research and topical reviews.

The search for editors for the journals will begin in November 2017. For information about applying for an editor’s position, please watch the RSNA Journals webpage at