RSNA R&E Foundation to Award $4 Million in Grants in 2017


The RSNA Research and Education (R&E) Foundation will fund $4 million in grants this year, achieving a funding rate of 30 percent of all grant applications.

The 2017 grant recipients hail from 50 different institutions from North America and abroad and include Research Seed Grant recipients from the Netherlands and Hong Kong, and an Education Scholar Grant recipient from Nigeria.

“Thanks to the contributions of our many members, friends, private practice partners and corporate supporters, the RSNA R&E Foundation Board of Trustees approved funding for $4 million in research and education grants for the second consecutive year,” said N. Reed Dunnick, MD, chair of the R&E Foundation Board of Trustees. “The pay line of 30 percent of grant submissions is approximately three times that of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and positions the R&E Foundation as a valuable partner to younger investigators conducting the feasibility studies needed to compete for NIH and other federal funding.”

The RSNA R&E Foundation leads the specialty in funding radiologic research and educational initiatives. Since 1984, the Foundation has awarded $55 million in funding for over 1,300 projects. The number of applications for RSNA R&E grants has doubled over the past five years.

An R&E Foundation grant is a pathway to greater funding. Every dollar awarded by the Foundation results in more than $40 of additional funding received as principal or co-investigator by other sources, including the NIH.

Ninety-three percent of donations to the Foundation are used to fund grant programs. Thanks to donor support, more than 1,200 investigators have directly benefited from the Foundation.

In addition to supporting the individual recipients and their institutions, the grants benefit radiology as a whole. The research and educational initiatives funded by the Foundation today lay the groundwork for the discoveries, tools and techniques that advance radiologic practice in the future.

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