Explore Chicago during RSNA 2015

Explore our list of “must-see” attractions to help plan your Chicago adventure during RSNA 2015

Take advantage of your time in Chicago to experience some of what this amazing city has to offer. From dazzling architecture and world-class museums to an eclectic mix of music and entertainment, the Windy City has a vibrancy all its own.

This year, we have compiled our annual roster of some of the “musts” — must see, do, enjoy — from Choose Chicago, the city’s official tourist destination resource.

Download Explore Chicago During RSNA 2015 (PDF)

To add to your Chicago adventure, RSNA offers variety of tours and events. Look for the RSNA Tours and Events icons in this article signaling RSNA pre-arranged packaged deals. Enroll for tours and events online at RSNA.org/Tours-and-Events.

For a full list of attractions, visit ChooseChicago.com.

Mary Ann McClain is an RSNA Public Information & Communications manager.