Exhibitor best practices

By exhibiting at RSNA 2019, you've established your company as a leader in the medical imaging field. Gear up for success with these practical tips and resources.

Our staff is here to help. If you have any questions, please contact our technical exhibits team.

Staffing tips

Learn best practices for staffing your booth from trade show consultant, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge.


Follow these checklists to help position your company for sales success at RSNA 2019.

Exhibitor webinars

Participating in an exhibition doesn't have to be overwhelming. Learn tips and tools from RSNA staff and industry experts. Each webinar is presented live with Q&A and recorded for on-demand viewing.

If you have questions regarding these webinars or exhibiting at RSNA 2019, please contact our exhibition services team.

RSNA 2019 exhibitor on-site space selection and exhibitor housing

Space selection for RSNA 2019 will take place during the 2018 meeting in Chicago at McCormick Place, Nov. 26 to Nov. 28.

This webinar will highlight:

  • Exhibitor priority point system
  • Space selection process
  • Review important dates and payment schedule
  • How to reserve hotel rooms for RSNA 2019

Exhibitors should watch this 30-minute webinar to review the space selection process that RSNA will use to conduct the exhibit space selection.

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Promote your RSNA exhibit: Event marketing & media relations tools

Learn to promote your RSNA exhibit through multiple channels to ensure your company's story reaches as many audiences as possible. Our partners at Virtual Press Office share strategies and tools to help you create quality content that will help get the attention of members of the media and buyers at the show.

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Q&A webinar: Quick tips to improve on-site efforts

Learn seven quick tips to take your RSNA 2018 exhibit to the next level. Trade show strategy specialist Robyn Davis uses her expertise to answer exhibitors' questions about RSNA 2018. 

Did you know that 85% of an exhibitor's success depends on the booth staff's performance? In this webinar your staff will quickly learn the keys to success for exhibitors from engagement, qualifying and note taking in the booth to productive networking and more outside the booth. Listen to expert answers to questions from fellow exhibitors. We recommend that all exhibit managers invite and encourage their booth staff to take advantage of this final opportunity for extra training before arriving onsite.

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Use password "RSNAonsite2018" to view the webinar.

Online exhibitor listings in Map Your Show

RSNA is pleased to introduce a new online exhibitor directory, interactive floor plan, and show planner for RSNA 2018 in Map Your Show. Attendees will use these resources on our website to plan their time in Chicago, find exhibitors and products they are interested in, and learn the newest trends in the industry. 

All exhibitors will be required to create a new exhibitor listing. To help you create your online exhibitor listing, join us for a 30-minute webinar. You'll learn how to utilize these resources to show off the products or services you are bringing to RSNA 2018, acquire new leads and market your brand. 

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Digital persuasion: Increase RSNA ROI using a social media strategy

Learn how you can use social media to drive more qualified booth traffic, schedule demos and activate massive brand awareness with new prospects and existing buyers from the woman behind Hitachi Healthcare's award-winning social media strategy.

Erin Gargan is a #1 Amazon bestselling author, speaker and social media expert. She is the CEO of Socialite Agency, a social media firm specializing in live event social strategy. She has worked with brands like VISA, Target, Siemens, Disney and others to evolve their sales and marketing efforts for the digital age.

In this highly interactive event, brought to you by RSNA and Freeman, Erin shares highlights from Hitachi's social strategy before, during and especially after RSNA on social media to improve relationships and revenue. She also shares examples from other industries of how brands are using social to get more out of their event investments. At the end of the webinar, Erin answers questions from exhibitors like you.

Be sure to watch this webinar to learn best practices for improving your social selling and social marketing approaches.

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Strategies for inline and peninsula exhibitors

In a large medical show with mega exhibits, sometimes inline and peninsula exhibitors feel lost in the crowd. This new exhibitor webinar is designed exclusively for these exhibitors.

Learn unique perspectives and strategic practices that inline exhibits can use to compete for attention and booth traffic with larger exhibits. Inline and peninsula exhibitors are encouraged to view this free webinar with America's leading trade show productivity expert to grab the best practices to ensure a productive and profitable exhibiting experience at RSNA.

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RSNA lead management using eventBit data

Imagine an event where you, the exhibitor, can see all of the attendee behaviors around and inside of your booth. Now, you will have the ability to capture this data at the RSNA annual meeting! RSNA is pleased to announce its partnership with Experient on eventBit®, the latest behavioral tracking technology.

With eventBit, Experient’s lead retrieval devices will be passively monitoring all of the attendee activity around your booth. These devices will now:
  • Deliver you detailed attendee analytics on aisle and booth traffic.
  • Qualify your leads based on dwell time in your booth.
  • Alert you, for the first time ever, when hot prospects are nearby with Booth View Alerts.

Watch a recording of this webinar to learn how you can leverage all the features eventBit offers RSNA exhibitors and use data to take your exhibit to the next level. 

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Building brand awareness and driving qualified booth traffic

Competition for attendees’ time in the exhibit hall is fierce. The battle is won in the days and weeks leading up to show time. Today, no exhibitor of any size can afford to just show up and hope the right attendees find their exhibit.

How can you attract enough of the right attendees to your RSNA exhibit? Join trade show consultant, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, as he walks you through an eight-step pre-show marketing planning process to put your company top of mind for the right RSNA attendees. 

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Exhibitor ROI measurement made easy

Many exhibit managers are facing increased pressure from senior management to measure exhibiting ROI. While everybody's talking about ROI, very few are actually measuring it. Attend this insightful and practical exhibitor webinar to go inside the trade show numbers game and learn why, what and how to measure to report exhibiting performance and ROI. This is an important event for every exhibitor wanting to measure and improve results.

You'll learn how to:

  • Budget
  • Manage costs
  • Measure and report exhibit performance
  • Calculate ROI

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Experiential marketing: In-booth demonstrations and presentations

Learn the latest research on what healthcare attendees want, need, and expect from exhibits. Trade show expert Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge will walk you through a step-by-step process for designing and delivering in-booth learning experiences that drive interested, qualified people to your booth. Explore examples of in-booth learning experiences executed by other companies. 

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First-time RSNA exhibitor webinar: Exhibit success at RSNA
If you are exhibiting at the RSNA annual meeting for the first time, don't miss this informative webinar presented by leading industry strategist, Alyson Shepherd.

Learn important information to ensure exhibiting success, specifically at RSNA, including:

  • Characteristics and behaviors unique to RSNA attendees
  • RSNA's tools for promotion to drive traffic to your exhibit
  • Exhibit configurations and using show floor position to capitalize on RSNA's traffic patterns
  • Staffing best practices to maximize exhibit visitors
  • Logistical considerations particular to RSNA

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First-time RSNA exhibitor webinar: Ensuring a positive experience

RSNA wants to make sure all first-time exhibiting companies have a positive and productive experience. John Jaworski of RSNA and trade show marketing consultant Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, share important show information, useful knowledge and exhibiting skills critical to your company's success.

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Analyzing your eventBit data captured at RSNA
Congratulations on a successful RSNA annual meeting. Now that you’ve captured your leads and attendee behavioral data it’s time to understand what it all means and how to utilize the data post event. 

Join our post event webinar to learn all about it!  During this informative discussion, presented by Experient, you will:
  • Review your leads and qualify them based on level of interest. With eventBit®, your collected leads will now include a critical new data piece - dwell time.
  • Review the new eventBit lead portal and learn how to utilize critical data about aisle traffic and booth activity.
  • For Premier Package exhibitors, understand the data captured around different areas within your booth and how to interpret this data internally.
Register today and be ready to capitalize on all of the opportunities that this new technology will provide for you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 1:00 pm CST

Make your RSNA exhibit stand out from the crowd

With over 650 exhibits, competition for an attendee’s time in the RSNA exhibit hall is fierce.

What are the key factors that determine whether an attendee notices an exhibit and stops to enter, or just passes right by? What can you do to deliver a higher quality attendee experience and increase dwell time in your exhibit?

Learn how to make your company stand out in this webinar.

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Improving RSNA lead management to drive exhibiting ROI

If you’re not closing deals at the meeting and you ever hope to get ROI, the real product of the show is leads.

However, Exhibit Surveys' Trade Show Trend study reveals an alarming disconnect between exhibitor lead capture and attendee satisfaction with exhibitor follow-up. Failure to effectively manage leads can negatively impact your company’s brand in the marketplace and quietly cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed sales opportunities.

Learn insider secrets and best practices for quickly improving lead capture and follow-up practices to achieve better ROI for your company.

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Secrets from the show floor: Best practices in booth staffing

No matter how big and pretty your booth is, or how great your products or services are, the single most important factor influencing your exhibit program success is your booth staff.

Learn what your booth staff needs to know and do to be effective on the challenging tradeshow floor.

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