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    January 01, 2013

    Numbers in the News

    Estimated number in millions of dollars contributed to Chicago’s economy by RSNA 2012 attendees. Get an early update on RSNA 2013 here.

    Percentage of patients who said they would like to receive results of radiology reports immediately. Learn more about the results of the survey presented at RSNA 2012 here.

    Number of physicians per 1,000 inhabitants in Cuba, one of the countries discussed by presenters of an RSNA 2012 International Trends meeting focusing on the global radiology workforce. Read more here.

    Number of videos in the new Patient Safety in Imaging app recently launched by Radiology Info.org, the RSNA/American College of Radiology (ACR) public information website. Read more about the app here.

    2013 RSNA Board of Directors

    2013 RSNA Board of Directors
    (From left:) N. Reed Dunnick, M.D., President-elect/Secretary-Treasurer; William T. Thorwarth Jr., M.D. Liaison for Publications and, Communications; Sarah S. Donaldson, M.D., President; Richard L. Baron, M.D., Liaison for International Affairs; Valerie P. Jackson, M.D., Liaison for Education; Richard L. Ehman, M.D., Liaison for Science; Vijay M. Rao, M.D., Liaison for Information Technology and Annual Meeting; Ronald L. Arenson, M.D., Chairman

    2013 RSNA Officers

    Sarah S. Donaldson, M.D.
    President, Stanford, Calif.

    N. Reed Dunnick, M.D.
    President-elect /Secretary-Treasurer, Ann Arbor, Mich.

    Richard T. Hoppe, M.D.
    First Vice-President, Stanford, Calif.

    James D. Fraser, M.D.
    Second Vice-President, Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Gerardo Perdigon Castaneda, M.D.
    Third Vice-President, Mexico City

    Ronald L. Arenson, M.D.
    Chairman, San Francisco

    Sarah S. Donaldson, M.D.
    Sarah S. Donaldson, M.D.

    Donaldson is RSNA President

    Sarah S. Donaldson, M.D., is RSNA President for 2013. Dr. Donaldson is the Catharine and Howard Avery Professor of Radiation Oncology at Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, Calif. She serves as associate residency program director of radiation oncology at Stanford Hospital and Clinics and is chief of radiation oncology service at Lucile Salter Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford.

    As president, Dr. Donaldson will help shape and implement RSNA’s vision and strategic goals to advance the radiologic sciences and embrace the model of patient-centered care. “I am proud to promote the RSNA mission around the world,” she said. “My goal is to enhance collaborations and partnerships amongst the radiologic sciences worldwide to provide efficient, safe and cost-effective use of imaging. I will work with the Board of Directors and the many loyal RSNA member volunteers to promote our strategic plan and to emphasize patient-centered

    Dr. Donaldson has authored or coauthored more than 220 peer-reviewed scientific articles, 81 book chapters and review articles and two books. She has been invited to lecture at more than 200 institutions and meetings throughout North America, Japan, Europe and Australia and is a popular visiting professor at many universities and medical schools across North America. Dr. Donaldson presented the Annual Oration in Radiation Oncology at the 1995 RSNA annual meeting.

    As a longtime member of RSNA, Dr. Donaldson has served on the Board of Trustees of the Research and Education Foundation, the Scientific Exhibits Committee and the Public Information Advisors Network. She was elected second vice president in 2003. In 2005, she was elected to the RSNA Board of Directors and served as the liaison for publications and communications from 2007 to 2010, chairman from 2010 to 2011, and president-elect from 2011 to 2012.

    Dr. Donaldson was recently awarded the Dean’s Medal of the Stanford School of Medicine and received the Marie Curie Award of the American Association for Women Radiologists in 1998 and the Elizabeth Blackwell Award of the American Medical Women’s Association in 2005.

    Ronald L. Arenson, M.D.
    Ronald L. Arenson, M.D.

    Arenson Becomes Board Chairman

    Ronald L. Arenson, M.D., the Alexander R. Margulis Distinguished Professor and chair of the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at the University of California San Francisco, is chairman of the RSNA Board of Directors for 2013.

    As chairman, Dr. Arenson will support RSNA’s mission to promote excellence in patient care through education, research and technological innovation. “I am hopeful that during the coming year, we can focus attention on informatics, especially on providing RSNA members with useful informatics tools to help them in their careers,” he said.

    Dr. Arenson’s research achievements include the development of a catheter that can be steered in a magnetic field, allowing interventional radiologists to reach further into smaller blood vessels. He and fellow researchers filed a patent on the invention in 2001. The patent was recently nominated for a national fair on technology and Dr. Arenson is now working with faculty on the next stage prototype.

    An RSNA member since 1974, Dr. Arenson has served on numerous committees including Public Information Advisors Network, Research Development Committee and the Radiology Informatics Committee (formerly Electronic Communications Committee), of which he served as chairman from 1999 to 2005. In 2007, he was elected to the RSNA Board of Directors and served as the liaison for the annual meeting and informatics from 2007 to 2012.

    Dr. Arenson has served on the editorial boards of several journals, including Radiology, Investigative Radiology, Journal of Digital Imaging, Academic Radiology and Journal of the American College of Radiology. He also has been an active member of several medical societies and organizations including the American Association for Medical Systems and Informatics, American College of Medical Informatics and the American College of Radiology.

    N. Reed Dunnick, M.D.
    N. Reed Dunnick, M.D.

    Dunnick is President-elect

    N. Reed Dunnick, M.D., the Fred Jenner Hodges Professor and chair of the Department of Radiology at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor, Mich., is the RSNA president-elect for 2013.

    As president-elect, Dr. Dunnick will focus on scientific research and education initiatives at the Society’s annual meeting and throughout the year. “Advances in healthcare, especially medical imaging and image-guided therapy, enable physicians to deliver better quality care than ever before,” he said. “The RSNA is proud of its role in advancing our field by sponsoring research, supporting education and providing a venue for the presentation and discussion of these new concepts.”

    Dr. Dunnick has authored or coauthored over 300 peer-reviewed scientific articles, 62 book chapters and 10 books. He has served on the editorial boards of 14 journals, including Radiology, American Journal of Roentgenology, Academic Radiology and Journal of the American College of Radiology.

    A member of RSNA since 1987, Dr. Dunnick has served on many committees including the Scientific Program Committee, Research Development Committee, Education Council and the Grants Program Committee. In 2006, he was elected to the RSNA Board of Directors and served as the liaison for publications and communications and the liaison for science. He served as chairman from 2011 to 2012.

    Dr. Dunnick’s service to other medical societies and organizations includes the American Board of Radiology Foundation and the American College of Radiology, which he served as vice-president. He is past-president of the American Roentgen Ray Society, Society of Chairmen of Academic Radiology Departments, Society of Computed Body Tomography, Academy of Radiology Research, Society of Uroradiology, Radiology Research Alliance, American Board of Radiology, Association of University Radiologists and the Michigan Radiological Society.

    Valerie P. Jackson, M.D.
    Valerie P. Jackson, M.D.

    Jackson Named to RSNA Board

    Valerie P. Jackson, M.D., an expert in breast imaging and radiology resident education, is the newest member of the RSNA Board of Directors. She will serve as Board Liaison for Education.

    Richard L. Baron, M.D., is now Board Liaison for International Affairs.

    Dr. Jackson is the Eugene C. Klatte Professor and Chair of the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.

    A co-presenter of the RSNA Faculty Development Workshop, Dr. Jackson is committed to upholding RSNA’s reputation by helping the Society capitalize on digital education opportunities. “There is so much innovation going on right now—to be able to facilitate the integration of new technologies is really exciting.”

    An RSNA member since 1982, Dr. Jackson has served as chair of the Refresher Course Committee and the Breast Imaging Subcommittee of the Scientific Program Committee and as a member of the RSNA News Editorial Board. She is a member of the RSNA Centennial Committee, has been active on many committees of the RSNA Research & Education (R&E) Foundation and serves on the R&E Foundation Board of Trustees.

    “RSNA has been instrumental in giving me opportunities throughout my career—it is the single organization that has enabled me to get to where I am today,” Dr. Jackson said.

    “A United Nations of Radiologists” Gathers in Chicago

    At the invitation of Chicago-area radiologist Leonard Berlin, M.D., radiologists from distant nations gathered in the Windy City for a Thanksgiving feast before attending RSNA 2012. Calling it a “United Nations of Radiologists,” Dr. Berlin said the group “experienced wonderful camaraderie, friendship and conversation the entire afternoon and evening.”

    This was the second year Dr. Berlin and his wife, Phyllis, organized an international gathering of radiologists the couple befriended at radiology conferences around the world who were planning to attend the RSNA Annual Meeting. Guests were invited to the home of Dr. Berlin’s son, Paul Berlin, for a meal cooked by Dr. and Mrs. Berlin. “We asked them to arrive in Chicago a day or two early so that they could join our family to celebrate the American Holiday of Thanksgiving.”

    Along with the various nationalities, the wide variety of religions represented—Christians, Moslems and Jews—serves as an inspiration on a far wider scale, Dr. Berlin said. “Considering the war-like activity that is relentless in the Middle East today, I think the fact that people of the three religions can join together and celebrate, dine and chat in harmony and friendship is wonderful. It’s an example which, unfortunately, the world cannot yet emulate, but we can hope that the day will come when they can.”

    In the meantime, the Berlins will continue to do their part in hosting an annual international gathering of radiologists.

    “We plan to continue inviting our international radiology friends to join and celebrate with the Berlin family for many more Thanksgivings to come,” Dr. Berlin said.

    United Nations of Radiologists
    From left: Dr. Moshe Graif (Israel); Dr. Tufik Bauab (Brazil); Dr. Selma Bauab (Brazil); Dr. Berlin and wife, Phyllis (U.S.), Dr. Eamann Breatnach (Ireland); Mrs. Laura Ramirez (Mexico); Dr. Jose Luis Ramirez (Mexico); Dr. Hassen Gharbi (Tunisia); Dr. Najoua Gharbi (Tunisia); Mrs. Tricia Berlin (U.S.) Dr. Jonathan Berlin (U.S.).
    James P. Borgstede, M.D.
    James P. Borgstede, M.D.

    Borgstede is R&E Chair

    James P. Borgstede, M.D., is the new chair of the RSNA Research & Education (R&E) Foundation Board of Trustees.

    Dr. Borgstede is a professor of radiology and vice-chair for professional services, clinical operations and quality at the University of Colorado, Denver. He has served on the R&E Board of Trustees since 2008 and on the R&E Corporate Giving and Public Relations committees. He also served on the RSNA Quality Improvement Committee.

    “The R&E Foundation is vital because today’s research is tomorrow’s practice,” Dr. Borgstede said. “Supporting the Foundation is an excellent opportunity to advance our specialty for the benefit of our patients.”

    Dr. Borgstede serves as the president of the American Board of Radiology and is president-elect of the International Society of Radiology.

    In Memoriam

    Robert E. Wise, M.D.
    Robert E. Wise, M.D.

    Robert E. Wise, M.D.

    Past-RSNA President Robert E. Wise, M.D., died August 12, 2012. He was 94.

    During his nearly 60 years at Lahey Clinic, in Burlington, Mass., Dr. Wise assumed numerous management and medical roles. He first joined the clinic in 1953 as a staff member in the Department of Radiology. He was appointed chairman of the board of governors, chairman of the board of trustees, and assumed the duties of chief executive officer, a position he held until his retirement in 1991.

    Dr. Wise served as chair of the Lahey Clinic’s Department of Radiology, authored several research papers and two medical textbooks. In addition, he was an early adopter of many technologies including ultrasound, MR imaging and CT scanning.

    Dr. Wise chaired the departments of radiology at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston and Brooks Hospital and was a staff member of the Department of Radiology at the former New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston. He served as a clinical professor of radiology at Boston University School of Medicine and held visiting professorships at medical schools in Houston, Pittsburgh and Toronto.

    Dr. Wise served as president of the American College of Radiology, Massachusetts Radiological Society, Eastern Radiological Society and the New England Roentgen Ray Society. Dr. Wise served as RSNA president in 1974 and received the RSNA Gold Medal in 1979.

    Carl B. Puylaert, M.D.
    Carl B. Puylaert, M.D.

    Carl B. Puylaert, M.D.

    RSNA Honorary Member Carl B. Puylaert, M.D., died June 19, 2012. He was 89.

    Dr. Puylaert was a radiologist in Tilburg, the Netherlands, before he started his career as professor of radiology in the University Hospital of Utrecht until 1986. His scientific contributions focused on Dotter Procedures on renal arteries.

    Dr. Puylaert was chair of the Radiological Society of the Netherlands and also an honorary member of the society. He was recognized with honorary membership of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe and of the national radiological societies of Portugal, Luxemburg and Thailand. Dr. Puylaert was an RSNA Honorary Member in 1984.

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