RSNA 'Radiology Advances' Open-Access Journal Goes Live

New publication provides original research on emerging technologies, clinical innovations

Susanna I. Lee, MD, PhD

Radiology Advances, RSNA’s first exclusively open-access journal, published its first articles today.

Radiology Advances will include a broad spectrum of high-quality international radiology research, freely available to readers without a subscription. Available exclusively online, the journal will offer continuous publication, featuring primarily original multidisciplinary research articles with a focus on emerging topics, cross-cutting and innovative research. Susanna I. Lee, MD, PhD, is Radiology Advances editor.

Radiology Advances is entirely open access, and all of the contents will be freely available from the moment of publication,” Dr. Lee said. “The journal will reflect the best and the breadth of the imaging sciences and all of the glorious innovations in technology and clinical practice that are currently underway.”

Radiology Advances provides timely dissemination of original research on emerging technologies and clinical innovations that are most likely to impact on the practice of radiology and patient outcomes and highlights technical innovations, translational research, clinical trials and systematic reviews investigating breakthroughs in medical imaging.  

“The speed and extent to which new knowledge spreads can be the essential feature in whether science improves health care,” Dr. Lee said.  “However, peer and editorial review remains indispensable for maintaining the integrity of the scientific record. With Radiology Advances, our goal is to balance rapid, open publication with expert review.”

Published by RSNA in partnership with Oxford University Press, Radiology Advances provides radiologists, imaging scientists, trainees, physicists, and other medical imaging professionals with a global open access forum. The journal facilitates transparency and timeliness in the publication of rigorous and meaningful research to improve health and patient care.

“Radiology Advances is RSNA’s investment in the future of medical publishing,” Dr. Lee said.  “We’ve come to expect no less from a society known for its strategic and comprehensive long-term planning.”

As an open-access journal, Radiology Advances offers both CC BY 4.0 and CC BY-NC-ND licenses and is compliant with funder mandates for open-access publishing. Peer-reviewed articles are published as advance articles prior to copyediting or typesetting to facilitate rapid dissemination. Once final, these articles will be continuously published in an open issue with the same digital object identifier (DOI). 

Radiology Advances joins RSNA’s suite of peer-reviewed journals that includes the Society’s flagship journal, Radiology, education journal, RadioGraphics, and subspecialty journals, Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging and Radiology: Imaging Cancer.

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