Stay Productive and Pain Free with Workplace Ergonomics

Reduce strain at your workstation with ergonomically correct furniture and devices 

Practicing good ergonomics can help radiologists stay healthy and continue to bring their best selves to their patients for years to come. Simple changes can make a big difference. These include frequent rest breaks, positioning the mouse in front of the keyboard to reduce physical load, using a vertical mouse to put the wrist and hand in a more neutral position, and positioning the hand properly with a slant of 25-30 degrees. Other changes, like ensuring your chair is adjusted properly or being aware of body posture and eye strain, can also improve wellbeing.

Use the following tips to help prevent repetitive stress injuries and improve your work productivity and quality of life.  You can read more about proper workplace ergonomics in previous RSNA News stories:

RSNA March 2024 Ergonomics for Radiology infographic