Trends by Subspecialty Practice Area

Interventional Radiology

Hot topics include the combination of locoregional and immunotherapy for cancer, thyroid ablation, hybrid imaging, intravascular US, central venous reconstruction and thrombectomy devices, and percutaneous hemodialysis access creation. Also recommended are:

  • New Therapeutic Strategy in Biliary Stenosis in Liver Transplant Pediatric Patients: Biodegradable Stent as One-step Treatment
  • Ultra-High-Resolution K-Edge Imaging For Assessment Of Residual Blood Flow After Embolization With Radiopaque Beads: A Feasibility Study On A Prototype Deep-Silicon Photon-Counting Scanner
  • Factors Associated with Initial Incomplete Ablation for Benign Thyroid Nodules after Radiofrequency Ablation: First Results of CEUS Evaluation
  • MRI-guided Microwave Ablation using Dual Applicators with EPI-based Real-time MR Thermometry
  • Cutting Edge HCC Management
  • Managing Complications in IR

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