RSNA Joins FDA Network of Experts

Partnership gives RSNA leaders the opportunity to share their voice, experience and knowledge

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RSNA has joined the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Network of Experts, a vetted group of over 100 partner organizations with member scientists and clinicians who volunteer to provide the FDA with expertise.

The Network of Experts program is designed to augment existing knowledge and expertise within the FDA by broadening FDA employee exposure to external clinical and scientific expertise.

RSNA’s participation in this program is administered by the RSNA Government Relations Committee. When a need for expertise arises, the FDA will contact RSNA to provide radiology experts available to assist the FDA. The RSNA Government Relations committee will help identify individuals with the specific expertise requested to recommend to the network and facilitate the onboarding process.

“By joining the FDA Network of Experts, RSNA leaders in technology and innovation will have the opportunity to share their voice, experience and depth of knowledge in ways that are critically important for our patients,” said Pari V. Pandharipande, MD, MPH, RSNA Board Liaison to the Government Relations Committee. “Equally, the insights gained will further enhance our community’s knowledge of best practices in the successful development and dissemination of cutting-edge imaging technologies at the population level. We are excited and grateful for this important collaborative opportunity.”

RSNA experts and FDA staff will meet primarily through virtual meetings and electronic communications. Members will address topics in cutting-edge fields of science and emerging technologies in medical devices and pharmaceuticals under the Center for Devices and Radiological Health and the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

For More Information

Learn about the FDA Network of Experts program on the FDA’s website.