RSNA 2020 Trending Topics

Program Highlights

RSNA 2020 Highlights

Breast Imaging

Case-Based Review of the Breast – MSCB51

Essentials of Breast Imaging – MSES33

• Controversy Session: To Look or Not to Look-Does Every Woman with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Need Axillary Imaging? – SPSC43

Cardiac Radiology

Cardiac (Artificial Intelligence in Cardiac Imaging) – SSCA07

Rapid Fire: 80 Cardiac Cases in 80 Minutes – RC403

Chest Radiology

• Hot Topic Session: COVID: Three Chest Findings of COVID-19 – SPSH56

Essential of Chest Imaging – MSES32

Emergency Radiology

Essentials of Emergency Radiology Imaging – MSES51

Hot Topics in Emergency Radiology Practice – RC208

Gastrointestinal Radiology

• Controversy Session: Incidental Pancreatic Cyst Management – SPSC44

Case-Based Review of the Abdomen – MSCA22

Genitourinary Radiology/Uroradiology

Essentials of Genitourinary Radiology – MSES42

Biparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging-derived Prebiopsy Model to Detect Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer by Targeted Biopsy – SSGU07-06

Health Service Policy and Research/Policy and Practice

• Controversy Session: Peer Review and Peer Learning: Are We Just Meeting Requirements or Are We Really Improving Our Practices? – SPSC50

• Hot Topic Session: Artificial Intelligence and Implications for Health Equity: Will AI Improve Equity or Increase Disparities? – SPSH40


Artificial Intelligence: The Cutting Edge – SSIN01

Essentials of Machine Learning Study Design and Algorithm Validation: What Doctors Need to Know – RC253

Molecular Imaging

Molecular Neuroimaging – RC305

• Theragnosis & Molecularly Targeted Therapies Update 2020 – RC511

Multisystem/Special Interest

An Integrated Approach to Tumor Heterogeneity Using Imaging – RC518

Case-Based Review of Ultrasound – MSCU51

Musculoskeletal Radiology

Case-Based Review of Musculoskeletal Radiology – MSCS51

• Controversy Session: Platelet Rich Platelets (PRP) and Musculoskeletal Injectables – Show Me the Science – SPSC42


Case-Based Review of Neuroradiology – MSCN21

What’s in the Pipeline for Neuroradiology? – RC405

Nuclear Medicine

Response Assessment on PET/CT – RC111

• Hot Topic: Integration of Novel Blood, CSF and Imaging Biomarkers for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease – SPSH52

Obstetric/Gynecologic Radiology

Gynecologic Oncology Imaging-Radiologists as Partners in Cancer Care – RC307

Management of Cystic Adnexal Masses: SRU and O-RADS/ACR Guidelines – RC607

Pediatric Radiology

Pediatric Emergencies – RC713

Pediatric Chest/Cardiovascular Imaging – RC213


Innovations in Medical Imaging Physics with Deep Learning – RC121

Status of the ABR Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program for Medical Physicists – RC521

Radiation Oncology and Radiobiology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Oncology – RC309

Liver Cancer Interventions – RC214


Vascular Applications for Machine Learning – RC212

Current Issues in Pulmonary Vascular Imaging – RC501