RSNA 2020 Trending Topics

Emergency Radiology

Trauma remains one of the most provocative topics in this subspecialty. Sessions focus on AI to identify skeletal and head trauma, as well as cardiothoracic disease.

Emergency Pediatric Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound focuses on children in the emergency department (ED). In addition, Pediatric Emergencies highlights pediatric airway, adnexal and testicular emergencies.

Emergency Neuroradiology: Tumoral Emergencies focuses on oncologic emergencies that can be metabolic, hematologic, structural or treatment related. Several sessions focus on different types of emergencies in specific body areas, including facial and skull, neurovascular, spine and upper aerodigestive tract.

Contemporary Topics in Imaging of Trauma covers retroperitoneal injuries, penetrating abdominal trauma and dual-phase multidetector CT protocol in blunt trauma.

Practice management sessions in the ED focus on working in multi-disciplinary teams including High Functioning MultiDisciplinary Teams in Trauma and Stroke.

Topics of interest in education exhibits include intimate partner violence -- particularly in the midst of the current pandemic — abdominal and bowel injuries and the use contrast for penetrating injuries, fractures for the lower body and AI applications for polytrauma. 

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