RSNA’s Redesigned RadReport Template Library Offers Best Practices Reporting

Structured templates provide clear and consistent reports

RadReport, the free RSNA radiology reporting template library, has been redesigned to offer best practice templates to help radiologists create clear, structured and comprehensive diagnostic reports for common radiology procedures.

Supported in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB), the redesigned RadReport offers 29 radiology subspecialty topics with additional relevant subspecialty templates available. Each template is designed to enable radiologists to capture the essential clinical observations using appropriate terminology, measurements, technical parameters, annotations and key images. RadReport templates improve communication between radiologists and referring providers and help radiology practices meet accreditation criteria and earn pay-for-performance incentives.

Templates can be searched by title or keyword and are available in more than 15 languages. Templates also offer a feedback feature that allows comments or suggestions to be sent to the author of a particular template. The templates are free and are not subject to licensing restrictions.

Members of the Template Library Advisory Panel (TLAP), a joint committee of RSNA and the European Society of Radiology (ESR), provided clinical and technical expertise for the development of RadReport.

For general information about RadReport, visit RSNA Data tool and standards or for any questions about RadReport, contact