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    October 01, 2012

    Featured Benefit: RSNA News

    Whether you prefer the print, online or tablet edition, free access to RSNA News is an exceptional benefit of RSNA membership.

    For more than 20 years, RSNA News has provided high-quality, timely coverage of radiology research and education and critical issues facing the specialty, along with comprehensive information about RSNA programs, products and other member benefits.

    The RSNA News tablet edition provides enhancements to the radiology news, announcements and RSNA-related content published in the print version. This includes Web links, videos, audio features and educational presentations.

    This month you can enjoy the expanded October-November 2012 meeting preview issue of RSNA News in all three formats. The Meeting Preview gives you everything you need to prepare for the world’s premier medical meeting—previews of presentations in every subspecialty, a guide to the technology that will help you navigate the meeting, even a list of McCormick Place dining choices and options in the city.

    For more information on these and other RSNA News features, go to RSNA.org/NewsLandingPage.aspx. Access the RSNA News tablet edition on the App Store and Android Market.

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