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    October 01, 2012

    Numbers in the News


    Approximate number, in millions, of visitors in 2011 to RadiologyInfo.org, the RSNA/American College of Radiology (ACR) public information website. Read more about the growth of the popular healthcare website, launched in 2000 as a radiology information resource for patients and patient-communication tool for physicians here.


    Population, in millions, of Nepal. Click here to read the impressions of an RSNA International Visiting Professor team that traveled to the Southeast Asian nation earlier this year.


    Approximate percentage of malpractice claims against radiologists resulting in litigation, according to a study of more than 10,000 medical malpractice claims from 2002 to 2005. Just 2 percent of litigated claims went to trial. Click here to find out why, even in the face of these numbers, malpractice suits remain a significant fear in the specialty.


    Number of abstracts received by RSNA, to consider for presentation at RSNA 2012. Read about the science, education and technology to be showcased at this year’s annual meeting, starting here.

    2013 RSNA Membership Renewal Under Way

    RSNA membership renewal for 2013 is under way.

    Renew online at RSNA.org/renew or by mail with the invoice sent to you early in October. When renewing, take a moment to update your profile with current contact information.

    All RSNA members have access to RSNA journals online. Because online access to Radiology and RadioGraphics is tied to membership status, if your payment has not been received by December 31, 2012, your online subscriptions will be automatically inactivated.

    Practices can take advantage of RSNA’s group billing option. For more information on the option and/or to renew membership by phone, contact the RSNA Membership Department toll-free at 1-877-RSNA-MEM or at 1-630-571-7873, or send an e-mail to membership@rsna.org.

    2013 R&E Grant Application Process Opens This Month


    Individuals interested in obtaining RSNA Research & Education (R&E) Foundation grants for 2013 can begin submitting their applications starting in October. For more information, go to RSNA.org/Foundation or contact Scott A. Walter, M.S., Assistant Director, Grant Administration at 1-630-571-7816 or swalter@rsna.org. Grants available include:


    Deadline—Jan 10

    • Education Scholar Grant
    • RSNA/AUR/APDR/SCARD Radiology Education Research Development Grant


    Deadline—Jan 15

    • Research Scholar Grant
    • Research Seed Grant
    • Research Resident/Fellow Grant


    Deadline—Feb 1

    Click here to learn about the 2012 R&E Foundation grant recipients and their projects. More information about R&E Foundation grant is available here.

    ESGAR Honors Martin and Mendelson

    Photo of Dr. Martin
    Photo of Dr. Mendelson

    Derrick F. Martin, M.D., and Richard Mendelson, M.D., were awarded honorary fellowships by the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiologists (ESGAR) at the 23rd Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course held in Edinburgh, Scotland, in June. Dr. Martin, an ESGAR founder, is a gastrointestinal and interventional radiologist at University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust at Wythenshawe Hospital. Dr. Mendelson is a clinical professor at the University of Western Australia and an adjunct professor at the school of Medicine at Notre Dame University in Western Australia.

    ACR Bestows Honors

    Photo of Dr. Bradley
    Photo of Dr. Guiberteau
    Photo of Dr. Morin
    Photo of Dr. Klempfner
    Photo of Dr. Cerri

    William G. Bradley Jr., M.D., Ph.D., Milton J. Guiberteau, M.D., and Richard L. Morin, Ph.D., were recently awarded gold medals by the American College of Radiology (ACR). George Klempfner, M.D., and Giovanni G. Cerri, M.D., Ph.D., were named honorary fellows.

    Dr. Bradley is professor and chairman of the Department of Radiology at the University of California, San Diego. He is a member of the RSNA Public Information Advisors Network (PIAN) and was awarded the RSNA Gold Medal in 2003.

    Dr. Guiberteau is chief of nuclear medicine and academic chief in the Department of Medical Imaging at St. Joseph Medical Center and a clinical professor of radiology and nuclear medicine at the University of Texas medical school, both in Houston. Dr. Guiberteau is a member of the PIAN and has chaired the nuclear medicine subcommittee of the RSNA Scientific Program Committee.

    Dr. Morin is a professor of radiologic physics at the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville (Florida). He is currently a member of the PIAN and the Radiology Informatics Committee. He was previously an RSNA third vice-president and was a manuscript reviewer for Radiology and RadioGraphics.

    Dr. Klempfner holds a private practice in radiology and nuclear medicine at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. He was named an RSNA Honorary Member in 2004.

    Dr. Cerri is the secretary for health of São Paulo State and director of the Institute of Radiology at the Hospital das Clínicas, School of Medicine, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Cerri will be awarded RSNA Honorary Membership at RSNA 2012.

    Hricak Receives Schinz Medal

    Hedvig Hricak, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. h.c.
    Hedvig Hricak, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. h.c. (left) with SSR President Rahel Kubik, M.D. (right).

    2010 RSNA President Hedvig Hricak, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. h.c., was awarded the Schinz Medal at the recent annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Radiology (SSR) in Zurich. Dr. Hricak is chair of the Department of Radiology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, a member of the Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry Program, Sloan-Kettering Institute, a professor of radiology at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, and a professor at Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Graduate School\ of Biomedical Sciences, New York City. The medal is the highest honor awarded by the SSR.


    Coming Next Month

    Wondering how 2011 compensation in radiology compares to the year before? Or how salaries compare to those of other specialties? In next month’s annual salary survey, RSNA News analyzes 2011 data from the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) 24th Annual Medical Group Compensation and Financial Survey and asks the experts what radiologists can expect in the coming year.

    More PQI Templates to Aid MOC Diplomates

    RSNA’s Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) held its second Practice-based Quality Improvement (PQI) Template Workshop earlier this year in Chicago. Facilitated by Joseph R. Steele Jr., M.D., of MD Anderson Cancer Center, more than a dozen volunteer experts from the interventional radiology, thoracic, abdominal, pediatric and neuroradiology subspecialties worked to create turnkey quality improvement projects for individuals seeking to fulfill the Part IV requirements of the American Board of Radiology (ABR) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.

    Many individuals participating in MOC have reported feeling intimidated by the requirement to conduct PQI projects. The RSNA library of ABR-qualified PQI Project templates (RSNA.org/Practice_Quality_Improvement_Projects.aspx), created after the first PQI Template Workshop in 2009, assists these individuals by giving them specific instructions about projects they can undertake. As a result of the June workshop, RSNA is preparing to submit at least 15 new project templates to the ABR for qualification.

    Once qualified, the projects will be added to the existing library of 12 templates. The templates are designed so that after diplomates have completed one or two, they should feel prepared to develop and implement their own. Each PQI Project template provides the key elements including potential interventions, reference materials and project metrics. New this year is the inclusion of several projects suitable for group participation.

    First International Day of Radiology

    More than 66 medical societies in 38 countries around the globe will join together on November 8 to celebrate the first International Day of Radiology (IDoR), co-sponsored by RSNA, the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and the American College of Radiology (ACR).

    The day, which marks the 117th anniversary of the discovery of the X-ray, is meant to build greater awareness of radiology’s value and contributions to patient care and medical outcomes and highlight radiologists’ essential role in healthcare. The main topic will be oncologic imaging with a special focus on the role of radiology in patient safety and optimizing radiation dose.

    A video, press kit and brochures on the history of radiology and on oncologic imaging are available to support the International Day of Radiology. RadiologyInfo.org, the patient information website co-sponsored by RSNA and ACR, also plays an important role in the initiative, as a comprehensive and easy-to-understand radiology information resource for the public and a turnkey patient communication tool for physicians.

    For more information, contact Marijo Millette at mmillette@rsna.org or 1-630-590-7727.


    Photo of Dr. Bisset with SPR President Ricardo Baaklini
    Above: RSNA President George S. Bisset III, M.D., and SPR President Ricardo Baaklini, M.D., celebrate the agreement between the two societies

    RSNA will collaborate with the Radiological and Diagnostic Imaging Society of São Paulo (SPR) for the São Paulo Radiological Meeting in 2014, 2016 and 2018 in São Paulo, Brazil. RSNA will help develop material and courses not traditionally covered at the meeting and support the travel of some North American speakers.

    Letter to the Editor

    Multiple Radiology Mobile Apps Available

    I am writing to alert RSNA News of an error that misinformed your readers about FDA-cleared diagnostic technology.

    In the August 2012 cover article, “Mobile Apps Gain New Ground in Radiology,” the statement: “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved just one app for diagnostic radiology – Mobile MIM Software,” is incorrect.

    Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD™ has been FDA-cleared for diagnostic use on the iPhone and iPad since September 2011. In fact, your readers would want to be notified that ResolutionMD Mobile was the first mobile radiology application to receive regulatory approval in a major jurisdiction in April 2010 when Health Canada approved its use.

    There are a number of distinct and important ways that ResolutionMD differs from other radiology applications, making it the choice for many of the world’s largest OEMs. ResolutionMD maintains absolute patient data security with all data resident on the server—leaving no trace of patient data on a device after the browser goes idle.

    The application also allows for fastest diagnosis with the industry’s shortest load time to first image. We welcome curiosity about the FDA-cleared ResolutionMD mobile radiology application and all of Calgary Scientific’s innovations at RSNA 2012.

    Many thanks and kind regards.

    Byron Osing
    CEO and Chair
    Calgary Scientific Inc.

    Editor’s note: We thank Mr. Osing for his letter and apologize for the error. Mobile radiology technology is a vital, rapidly evolving area we will continue to cover, as our readers are eager to learn about new products that can improve and facilitate their work. 

    MOC News

    ABMS Delays Reporting Date

    The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) has postponed until spring 2013 the public reporting of American Board of Radiology (ABR) diplomates’ maintenance of certification (MOC) status.

    ABMS was to begin public reporting on August 31, 2012; however, ABR requested a deferral to allow time to verify that each diplomate’s status is reported as accurately as possible. ABR is implementing “Continuous Certification,” which links the ongoing validity of certificates to meeting MOC requirements. ABR certificates will no longer have “valid-through” dates; instead, each new certificate in diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology or medical physics will note the initial certification date and be accompanied by the statement, “ongoing certification is contingent upon meeting the requirements of Maintenance of Certification.”

    Three categories are to be reported on the ABMS website, www.certificationmatters.org:

    • Meeting the requirements of Maintenance of Certification
    • Not meeting the requirements of Maintenance of Certification
    • Not required to participate in Maintenance of Certification (lifetime-certified diplomates)

    The ABMS website will refer users to the ABR website, www.theabr.org, which is being enhanced to include its own online verification database. Click here to read an article in the issue of RSNA News about the new ABMS and ABR public reporting.

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