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    December 01, 2013

    Use Fellowship Connect to Find, Post Fellowship Positions

    With RSNA’s online resource Fellowship Connect, residents and practicing radiologists can search for fellowship positions by specialty, location and institution. Users can read institutional profiles, find out if fellowship positions are available, get contact information and more. Gaining access to Fellowship Connect is easy.

    RSNA Members: Using their member login, RSNA members can personalize their searches by entering key words such as the name of the institution, state or specialty. Fellowship Connect provides a print feature and save option that allows members to store search results for later viewing.

    Institutions: After creating an account, institutions can post company profiles, available fellowship positions, contact information and website links. Each institution is responsible for keeping fellowship information current on the website.

    To access Fellowship Connect, go to fellowships.RSNA.org.

    Fellowship Connect
    Visit fellowships.RSNA.org. 
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