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  • Radiology in Public Focus

    March 1, 2018

    Media Coverage of RSNA

    Radiology Aug 2016 cover

    In November 2017, more than 20,500 RSNA-related news stories were tracked in the media. These stories reached an estimated audience reach of 10.6 billion people.

    Coverage included U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek, The Boston Globe, Daily Mail, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, BBC.com, Forbes.com, Reuters.com, WebMD, Drugs.com, HealthDay, Philly.com, The Arizona Republic, Yahoo! Finance, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, CBSNews.com, Health.com, Diagnostic Imaging and Auntminnie.com.

    Links for Media Coverage of RSNA

    Boston Globe:


    US News & World Report:

    New on RadiologyInfo.org

    March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Do your patients know they should begin screening for colorectal cancer at age 50? Encourage them to visit RadiologyInfo.org’s Colorectal Cancer Screening page to learn more about this disease, its risks, symptoms and available screening methods such as CT colonography.

    RadiologyInfo.org Wants to Share Your Patients’ Stories

    RadiologyInfo.org – the RSNA-ACR patient information website – helps patients better understand radiology and the role radiologists play in their healthcare. Now, RadiologyInfo.org is exploring a new way to spotlight radiology with the public by sharing patient stories — your patients’ stories.

    Do you have patients who would be willing to share their radiologic care experience with others? Email RadiologyInfo@RSNA.org with the subject line “Patient Stories” to connect us with your patients. Visit the RadiologyInfo.org Patient Stories section to learn more about this opportunity.

    Radinfo logo

    March Public Information Outreach Focused on Colorectal Cancer

    In recognition of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March, RSNA is distributing radio public service announcements (PSAs) encouraging listeners to get screened for colorectal cancer.