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    August 01, 2013

    RSNA/AAPM Physics Modules Redesigned for Mobile Age

    Supporting the on-the-go lifestyle of the digital age, RSNA/AAPM Physics Modules have been redesigned for mobile tablet viewing, offering a fresh new look and feel designed to foster an exciting and dynamic learning experience.

    All 45 RSNA/AAPM Physics modules have been redesigned and will include user-driven, module-specific interactive learning features for a richer user experience. Moving away from the traditional e-textbook format, each module will offer a more colorful, exciting interface, with modules color-coded by topic area. The new interface allows users to navigate to key module topic areas with a tap of the screen rather than navigating via a static course outline.

    Module post-tests are included with each module, providing users with instantaneous feedback on correct or incorrect answers.

    The mobile RSNA/AAPM Physics Modules will be available this fall. Contact physics@RSNA.org for more information.

    RSNA’s Online Education is Going Mobile

    Coming in fall 2013, RSNA is revolutionizing the way members can access the Society’s vast online library of CME courses. The new mobile format allows users to view RSNA’s online education content on-the-go.

    Each of the following CME offerings is being redesigned for mobile tablet viewing, offering a fresh new look and feel designed to foster an exciting and dynamic learning experience.

    • Refresher Courses
    • RadioGraphics and Radiology 
    • Cases of the Day
    • SAMs

    All of the above CME features include: Mobile accessibility, a sleek new interface, interactive touch-screen learning and instantaneous user feedback.

    This is just one more example of how RSNA’s educational content continues to meet the highest standards for our members.

    RSNA Staff Retirement

    Carol Douglas, 28 years 

    Carol DouglassFrom the moment she began her employment as a production assistant with RSNA in November 1984, Carol played a significant role in the evolution of RadioGraphics and Radiology. Carol took on increasing leadership responsibilities as the journals expanded to new media and much of the production work was shifted from vendors to an in-house staff at RSNA. Carol served as production and graphics manager, assistant director of production and managing director of publications.

    At RadioGraphics, she worked with former editor William W. Olmsted, M.D., current editor Jeffrey S. Klein, M.D., and the first RadioGraphics editor, William J. Tuddenham, M.D. At Radiology, she worked with former editors William R. Eyler, M.D., Stanley S. Siegelman, M.D., and Anthony V. Proto, M.D., and current editor Herbert Y. Kressel, M.D.

    “Carol has brought experience and a mastery of production to the RSNA journals,” Dr. Kressel said. “She is a ‘can do’ person who has developed a wonderful, highly skilled team committed to RSNA and its journals. I am delighted to be among the beneficiaries of her work.”

    “We hired Carol to bring professional production work to the RSNA journal Radiology before computers were involved in print production,” added Roberta E. Arnold, M.H.P.E., RSNA assistant executive director for publications and communications. “Carol also has brought her creativity to bear on covers and interior designs of both journals, created in-house ads, guided development of a consistent journal workflow, initiated ‘desktop publishing’ and spearheaded special projects. In all of this, she has maintained a ‘never give up’ attitude whenever the effort was challenging.”

    RSNA/AAPM Physics Modules
    (Click to enlarge) A brand new interface accompanies each module for an engaging user experience.
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