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  • RSNA Board of Directors Report

    June 01, 2013

    At meetings in January and March, the RSNA Board of Directors updated the Society’s 2013-18 Strategic Plan, looked ahead to the 2013 International Day of Radiology and approved more plans for RSNA 2013.

    Strategic Plan

    The updated RSNA Strategic Plan refines the Society’s goals to advance the radiological sciences, foster the development of new technologies, offer education in a variety of media, facilitate informatics strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare and serve as a worldwide leader in radiology. Read the plan at RSNA.org/RSNA_Strategic_Plan.aspx.


    Plans are underway for the next International Day of Radiology, a collaborative effort of RSNA, the European Society of Radiology and American College of Radiology (ACR) launched in 2012. Activities on this year’s International Day of Radiology, scheduled for November 8, will focus on lung imaging. The event’s Facebook page, facebook.com/internationaldayofradiology, will feature updates throughout the year.

    The Board extended an invitation to the ACR Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) to appoint a liaison to RSNA’s Resident and Fellow Committee. An RSNA liaison will also serve on the ACR RFS and this reciprocal relationship will facilitate cooperation between the two groups to more effectively serve the interests of radiology residents.

    RSNA 2013

    The Board of Directors selected the Special Interest and Controversies Sessions for this year’s annual meeting. These sessions enable meeting attendees to discover radiology-related topics that present point-counterpoint on a controversy in imaging (Controversies), or programs the RSNA Board deemed of particular importance (Special Interest). This year’s sessions are:

    Special Interest

    • Update on Image Wisely
    • Quality: Getting Radiologist Peer Review Right
    • Workforce Planning in Radiology: Are We Training the Right Number of
    • Diagnosis Live Games


    • MRI Contrast Use: Have Quality and Safety Collided?
    • Imaging of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: If There was Only One Choice—What Would it be? CT or MR Enterography?
    • Fibroid Therapy: UAE vs. Focused US
    • Radiology Reporting: Is Structured Reporting the Answer?
    • Lung Cancer Screening: Conflict of “Dollars and Sense?”
    • CT Radiation and Risk: How Certain Are We of the Uncertainties?
    • The Evolving Role of Image-Guided Pulmonary, Hepatic and Renal Mass Biopsy: Current Indications and Controversies
    • Controversies in Radiology: Stroke Penumbral Imaging
    • The Heart of the Matter: Nuclear Stress Test vs. CTA for Low to Intermediate Risk Cardiac Patients with Chest Pain
    • Controversies in Imaging Strategies for HCC in Cirrhosis

    Hot Topic Sessions that enable meeting attendees to discover radiology-related topics that are late-breaking will be announced at a later date.

    In other news, the Pediatrics and Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging campuses will be offered once again at RSNA 2013. The separate campuses feature many components—including refresher and series courses, scientific presentations, and education exhibits—of these subspecialties, to facilitate focused study during the week.

    Advance registration for RSNA 2013, with its theme of The Power of Partnership, is underway for members. General registration opens June 5 and course enrollment begins July 10. I look forward to seeing you in Chicago as we experience together the science, education and technology that no one else can offer quite like RSNA.



    Ronald L. Arenson, M.D.

    Chairman, 2013 RSNA Board of Directors

    Ronald L. Arenson, M.D., FACR
    Ronald L. Arenson, M.D., Chairman, 2013 RSNA Board of Directors
    Image Wisely
    An update on the Image Wisely campaign (above, promoted at RSNA 2012), is one of the Special Interest Sessions planned for RSNA 2013.
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