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    July 01, 2014

    RSNA Scan 2013: Year in Review

    The RSNA Scan 2013, a collection of the finest RSNA scientific and educational content from the previous year accessible on a portable USB-device, allows users to take the best of RSNA with them anywhere.

    The scan includes a cross-section of quality offerings from RSNA, including RSNA 2013 plenary sessions, Cases of the Day and award-winning education exhibits from the annual meeting. New this year: popular online refresher courses, most viewed online Cases of the Day and several RSNA 2013 Virtual Meeting courses.

    Other highlights include:

    • A selection of the most innovative and popular 2013 Radiology and RadioGraphics articles. Among them: Radiology features the Alexander R. Margulis Award-winning articles along with the accompanying RSNA 2013 video award presentations; RadioGraphics features the Magna Cum Laude-awarded RSNA 2013 education exhibits.
    • Most viewed scientific abstracts–including the Science Trainee Research Prize—and popular education exhibits—including the Magna Cum Laude Award.
    • RSNA 2013 plenary sessions including the RSNA Image Interpretation Sessions, Annual Oration in Diagnostic Radiology, New Horizons Lecture, RSNA 2013 President’s Address and RSNA/AAPM Physics Symposium.
    • Refresher courses on topics ranging from high-resolution CT to easily missed findings in emergency neuroimaging.

    The cost is $150 for members and $225 for non-members. Visit RSNA.org/RSNA_SCAN to see a complete list of items included in the scan, and add this education collection to your library.

    CME Credit Tracking Made Easy with the CME Gateway

    CME Gateway—a tool developed by RSNA to help physicians track earned CME credits from multiple organizations in one central location—makes keeping track of your progress toward American Board of Radiology (ABR) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) easy.

    CME Gateway

    Users can link their MyABR account to CME Gateway at www.cmegateway.org for automatic reporting of earned CME credits directly to ABR, eliminating the need to re-enter credits on the ABR website.

    Users can register their CME Gateway account to link with any participating organization by inputting their society-specific username and password. After that, users can link their myABR account to CME Gateway for automatic reporting of credits to ABR. Users must be a member in good standing to successfully link to a participating society account with CME Gateway.

    CME Gateway requests CME information by cross-referencing a member-specific user name and ID for each participating organization and compiling the data for easy retrieval. Users who have linked multiple society accounts will be able to view and generate aggregate reports of CME earned with participating institutions for easy tracking and record-keeping.

    For free signup to CME Gateway and more information, go to www.cmegateway.org.

    RSNA Staff Retirement

    Tom ShimalaTom Shimala, 24 years

    This past May, RSNA said goodbye to an employee who for many years was a familiar sight around the annual meeting, particularly with technical exhibitors.

    Tom Shimala came to RSNA in May 1990 after several years with the American Dental Association and Chicago Dental Society. Initially working as director of advertising, Shimala has served the Society in expanding and changing roles over the years, culminating in his appointment as director of technical exhibits in 2003.

    During Shimala’s time as director, the Society has worked with 600 to 700 exhibiting companies each year, with booths ranging from 100 to thousands of square feet. Many companies have long maintained a presence at the RSNA annual meeting; however, each year also sees as many as 100 exhibiting for the first time. Shimala has overseen efforts to welcome newcomers as well as increase opportunities for all industry representatives to interact with meeting attendees.

    Shimala has been lauded by exhibitors and peers alike for his customer service ethic. In an interview with Trade Show Executive magazine published in October 2012, he attributed his success to his dedicated staff and RSNA’s relationship with its meeting general contractor. “And living by my motto, ‘be prepared,’” he added.

    “Tom is the consummate professional with an abundance of quality attributes, not the least of which is his pleasant interpersonal skill that has served him well throughout his career. His contributions will be missed, especially his fun and energetic personality,” said Steven T. Drew, RSNA Assistant Executive Director for the Scientific Assembly and Informatics.

    Michael C. Brunner, M.D., of Madison, Wis., worked with Shimala as chair of the RSNA Technical Exhibits Committee from 2004 to 2007. “In that process I learned that an optimal model for leading medical societies consists of trust and true partnership between very professional staff and volunteer leadership,” Dr. Brunner said. “Tom’s approach of ‘you define the vision and professional ethic and we’ll make it happen’ has served me well both as a leader for RSNA and SIR and throughout my professional career.”

    RSNA Scan Year in Review
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