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  • RSNA Board of Directors Report

    June 01, 2014

    At meetings in January and March, the RSNA Board of Directors appointed volunteers to represent RSNA in various capacities and continued planning for RSNA 2014.

    Strategic Plan

    At the Board’s retreat in January, a refreshed RSNA Strategic Plan for 2014-2019 was approved. The new plan can be found at RSNA.org/RSNA_Strategic_Plan.aspx. A focus of the retreat was the topic of education, and discussion centered on a vision of RSNA as a leading source of radiology education that includes resources for an organized, mentored educational process, a wider variety of education offerings, new audiences, alternative content delivery models, and new uses of technology.

    RSNA Diagnosis Live™

    Further development of RSNA Diagnosis Live and plans to expand its use are progressing, and it will be made available to radiology residency programs in July. RSNA Diagnosis Live is RSNA’s interactive learning tool which gives participants an opportunity to “play along” by answering questions using their personal mobile wireless devices. For information, interested programs should contact Betsy Lockett at blockett@rsna.org.

    Additional use cases are being implemented to expand utilization of Diagnosis Live for education programs by RSNA during the Annual Meeting and throughout the year.

    Volunteers Represent, Support RSNA

    The Board appointed volunteers to represent RSNA in groups including the American Medical Association Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement, American College of Radiology-RSNA Joint Task Force on Adult Radiation Protection and the planning committee of the 2015 American Society of Clinical Oncology Genitourinary Cancer Symposium.

    Appointments were also made for the RSNA’s Education Exhibits Awards Committee and Scientific Program Committee.

    The Board reviewed the composition and charge of each committee and established some targets for the appropriate inclusion of members-in-training and corresponding members in the committee appointments process for the coming year.

    Radiology’s Perspective Provided

    RSNA submitted comments to The Joint Commission on its proposed requirements that address the qualifications and competency for radiologists who provide diagnostic computed tomography (CT) services while RSNA Board Chairman Richard L. Baron, M.D., provided consultation to the International Atomic Energy Agency at a meeting focusing on the future of diagnostic imaging, held May 5–9 in Vienna.

    International Relationships Highlighted in Programs, Collaborations

    RSNA will co-sponsor the 2014 World Molecular Imaging Congress, to be held Sept. 17-20 in Seoul, Korea, and will present an RSNA educational showcase at Journées Françaises de Radiologie 2014, Oct. 17–20 in Paris.

    A Regional Committee: Middle East/Africa was established, joining the Regional Committees for Latin America, Asia/Oceania and Europe in facilitating participation in RSNA activities and in coordinating outreach in the respective regions.

    RSNA will provide financial support for three scholarships in 2014 for the Latin American School of Radiology, as well as RSNA membership for any non-member recipients.

    The Board also has authorized an increase in the maximum number of visits through the International Visiting Professor (IVP) program from four to five annually. Learn more about the IVP program at: RSNA.org/IVP.

    Bylaw Amendment

    An amendment to the RSNA Bylaws will be proposed to clarify the provisions governing the filling of a vacancy on the Board of Directors. The amendment, which will be published in the October issue of Radiology, will clarify the process and ensure that the office of Chairman of the Board is filled by a tenured member of the Board with a minimum of disruption.

    RSNA 2014 Just Around the Corner

    Plans continue for RSNA 2014, with the Board exploring ways to expand the Virtual Meeting. Also to be included in this year’s program is a mock trial on the topic of incidentalomas and failure to diagnose. Go to RSNA.org/AnnualMeeting for the latest on this year’s annual meeting, including events to celebrate the RSNA Centennial.

    Richard L. Baron, M.D.
    Chairman, 2014 RSNA Board of Directors 

    Richard L. Baron, M.D
    Richard L. Baron, M.D. Chairman, 2014 RSNA Board of Directors
    RSNA Diagnosis Live™ at RSNA 2013
    Plans to expand RSNA Diagnosis Live™ at RSNA 2014 are progressing.
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