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  • Value of Membership

    September 1, 2017

    Group Billing Makes Membership Renewal Easy

    Group billing offers radiology institutions and practices a hassle-free way to pay for all their doctors’ membership dues with one invoice. Administrators appreciate the ease of use and efficient turnaround the service provides, eliminating the need to wait for each doctor to submit an individual invoice. Because paying individual dues for a large practice could take months, group billing is a time saver.

    “Since making the switch a few years ago, I only send in one invoice during each membership renewal cycle,” said one administrative assistant about the service. “Rather than paying individually for 20 people, it’s much more efficient on both ends to just pay one bill. It’s very simple and organized.”

    Currently group billing serves over 100 groups of varying sizes, ranging from two radiologists in one practice to a hospital with 113 doctors. Groups can pay via credit card or check and memberships activate as soon as the payment is applied.

    Whether members choose to renew themselves, take advantage of auto-renewal or participate in group billing, RSNA continues to maximize efficiency and ease of use in the renewal process.

    Contact RSNA membership staff at RSNA.org/Membership to set up your group billing account.


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