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  • May 1, 2017

    RSNA’s Radiology Cares Campaign

    Among its charges, RSNA’s Public Information Committee (PIC) develops tools and resources to assist in bringing the concept of patient-centered radiology to practice. Periodically, the PIC will contribute content to RSNA News’ Patient Focus department to promote these concepts and resources to RSNA members.

    Launched at RSNA 2012, the Society’s Radiology Cares® campaign (RadiologyCares.org) is designed to help radiology professionals become more patient-centered in their practices and to optimize patient experience in radiology. Recognizing that patients are the primary focus of radiologic care, Radiology Cares provides resources, educational materials and other tools to help take patient-centered radiology from concept to practice. It also serves as a platform where radiology professionals can share success stories and exchange ideas about what it means to provide patient-centered radiologic care.

    Patient-Centered Radiology Model

    In this era of healthcare reform, radiologists need to be meaningfully engaged in their patients’ experiences throughout the continuum of their imaging care, and align their practice with the patients’ needs and best interests. Radiologists need to nurture effective communications both with patients and other healthcare providers. This encompasses ensuring timely scheduling and appointments, quality service from compassionate staff, safe and comfortable imaging examinations and procedures, accurate and timely reporting of results, increased visibility of the radiologist, as well as availability of the radiologist for results interpretation and explanation, along with transparent billing (see the PCR model, above). In a future Patient Focus article, we will delve into the components of the model.

    Patient-Centeredness is a Process

    As we move forward, we must remember that being patient-centered is not an all-or-nothing goal. Pursuing any of the measures in the model is a step in the right direction. To that end, radiologists can access numerous resources from RSNA’s Radiology Cares campaign, including patient-directed posters for patient waiting and consultation rooms, staff-directed posters for staff break rooms, customizable patient takeaway letters and patient-directed handouts and rack cards. Radiology professionals can also access a collection of articles and PowerPoint presentations focusing on the different facets of patient-centered radiology.

    Taking Notice of Quality of Care

    In this period of transition from volume to value, we need to continue doing what we have always been doing, but we also need to increase our visibility and demonstrate to patients that our practices are aligned with their best interests. We will succeed because, as illustrated by the RSNA Caring Quilt (RSNA.org/The-Caring-Quilt), many patients already realize that radiologists and their staff make a difference in their care, and they are grateful for it. We are privileged that patients entrust us with their imaging care

    Jennifer Kemp, MD, PIC member
    Max Wintermark, MD, PIC Chair
    Mary C. Mahoney, MD, Board Liaison for Publications and Communications.


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