RSNA 2020 Trending Topics

Obstetric and Gynecologic Radiology

Fetal and neonatal imaging continue to be topics of interest, along with sessions on the O-RADS imaging reporting system.

Several sessions focus on emergencies during pregnancy including a session for residents, When Residents Are On-Call: A Pictorial Review of Gynecologic and First Trimester Emergencies by Ultrasound.

The use of US during pregnancy is a trending topic, especially for the second and third trimester. There is also a session that discusses the use of US for gynecologic emergencies and diagnosis.

Two sessions on O-RADS include one focusing on its use for adnexal findings and another on MRI techniques and case review. Several sessions focus on endometrial and cervical cancer and the use of MRI in the female pelvis.

Look for education exhibits on endometriosis, fetal chest and cardiac imaging, ovarian and cervical cancer imaging and benign gynecological diseases. 

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