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    October 01, 2013

    R&E Foundation Grants Launch Careers, Spur Added Funding

    RSNA members can take an active role in moving the specialty forward by supporting—or applying for—the Research & Education (R&E) Foundation grants that represent the future of radiology and related scientific disciplines.

    The R&E Foundation has grants available for medical students, residents, fellows and faculty at all levels. From hypothesis-driven basic science, translational and clinical studies to development of new strategies for teaching methods, the Foundation supports projects that are changing the way radiologists practice and learn.

    In 2013, the Foundation will fund 83 grant projects totaling more than $3 million—and that’s just the beginning. An R&E grant is a pathway to greater funding. Surveys show that in the Foundation’s brief history, R&E grant recipients have gone on to receive upwards of $1 billion in subsequent funding from other sources such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

    “While searching for scholarships for my project, funding opportunities for radiological studies were much scarcer than other fields of medicine,” said Aileen Kim, B.S., a third-year medical student at Duke University. “I am very grateful that RSNA found value in my project and provided financial support during the research period. This was my first research project in which I was the principal investigator. I had an invaluable opportunity to work with my research mentor, a renowned expert in the field, and other co-investigators who gave their time and guidance. I was given a unique learning experience with cutting-edge imaging data and technology. This project definitely reinforced my interest in a research career.”

    Visit RSNA.org/foundation for more details or to submit an application.

    Aileen Kim, B.S., (left) with scientific advisor David M. Brizel, M.D.
    Aileen Kim, B.S., (left) with scientific advisor David M. Brizel, M.D. (right)
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