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Introduction to Academic Radiology for Scientists (ITARSc)


In this introductory workshop held during the RSNA annual meeting, PhD scientists in imaging research and biomedical engineering are introduced to the scope of research and the keys to success in the imaging sciences. Proposed topics include:

  • Faculty tracks for imaging scientists.
  • Building and organizing a laboratory.
  • Commercial partnerships, intellectual property and technology transfer.
  • Importance and development of clinical collaborations.
  • Introduction to Molecular Imaging.

The program will consist of a combination of dedicated programming for Introduction to Academic Radiology for Scientists (ITARSc) participants and shared sessions with participants of the Introduction to Academic Radiology (ITAR) program.

Learning objectives

  • Introduce participants to the scope of research in the imaging sciences.
  • Highlight the important role of PhDs in the imaging sciences.
  • Identify keys to success for PhD scientists in imaging research.
  • Introduce participants to successful radiological researchers that may serve as future mentors.


Applicant criteria

This workshop is intended for postdoctoral fellows and junior researchers in the imaging sciences or biomedical engineering with no more than six years since award of their doctorate.



November 29 – December 3, 2020



McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois


Application process 

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Application Deadline: July 1, 2020



Please direct all workshop questions to and we will be happy to assist you.