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Exhibit spaces

Key decision-makers visit our exhibit halls ready to see the latest medical imaging products and services available to enhance patient care and streamline operations. This is your opportunity to engage with your audience, establish your position as an industry leader and reach your top prospects.


Envision your space at RSNA 2020

Start the conversation now — we’ll help you bring your vision to life. The application deadline is October 30.

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Floor Plan

Explore our floor plan

450,000 square feet of floor space gives you a tremendous amount of exhibiting options, no matter your booth or budget.

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Booth types

In addition to showcases and pavilions, our expansive floor plan offers multiple standard exhibiting options designed to fit your needs.
Inline booth

The minimum exhibit space is 10 feet by 10 feet and rented in multiples (10 feet by 20 feet, 10 feet by 30 feet, etc.). The back 5 feet of the basic exhibit may be occupied up to a height of 8 feet. The front 5 feet of the rented space may be occupied from the floor up to a height of 4 feet. RSNA will provide side and backwall drape and a standard booth sign measuring 7 inches by 44 inches.

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Peninsula booth

The minimum booth size is 10 feet by 20 feet with two corners and three open sides thus creating an "end cap." Only a 10-foot-wide backwall can be built within a peninsula exhibit. No part of the backwall may exceed a height of 8 feet from the floor of the exhibit hall. RSNA will provide side and backwall drape and a standard booth sign measuring 7 inches by 44 inches.

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Island exhibits
The minimum island (formerly freeform) booth size is 20 feet by 20 feet with four corners and rented in 10-foot increments. All island exhibits must have access from all four sides. 

New for 2020: Additionally, each side of the exhibit space must have a minimum of 25% accessibility or see-through effect (Plexiglas or similar see-through material) along each aisle. 

To maximize the exhibit hall at McCormick Place, the east-west dimensions of any island exhibit space must be 20-feet, 50-feet or 80-feet-wide. RSNA may consider exceptions based on exhibit design elements, location and impact on surrounding exhibits. 

No part of any island exhibit may exceed a height of 24 feet from the floor of the exhibit hall. In the AI Showcase, North Hall, level 1, no part of any island exhibit may exceed a height of 18’ from the floor of the exhibit hall. 

  • 20-foot-wide island exhibits require a 1-foot setback from an aisle of the exhibit space. Reception counters/information kiosks may not be closer than 2 feet from an aisle.
  • 50-foot-wide island exhibits require a 2-foot setback from the aisle of exhibit space. Reception counters/information kiosks may not be closer than 3 feet from an aisle.
  • 80-foot-wide island exhibits require a 3-foot setback from the aisle of exhibit space. Reception counters/information kiosks may not be closer than 4 feet from an aisle.

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Mobile-transportable exhibits

Equipment exhibitors' mobile units must be positioned to allow ample room on all sides for stairs, ramps and general attendee traffic. Mobile van units must utilize a 15-foot-wide space, and trailers must utilize a minimum 20-foot-wide space. Location may be determined by proximity to drive-in freight doors to permit ease of move in and move out.

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Booth extras

Contiguous aisle

  • Aisle between contiguous exhibitor space
  • US$18.25 per square foot

Second-level exhibit

  • Two-story exhibits will be assessed a US$18.25 surcharge on the total square footage of the second level

Please review Rule 9 in the RSNA rules and regulations (PDF) for the complete set of booth design guidelines.

Exhibitor showcases

Looking for even more options? Explore these exhibiting opportunities featuring designated space in the exhibit hall and various package options: 


Special interest areas

Strategically targeted areas let you bring your message directly to a highly select and engaged audience.
Radiation Safety

Dedicated to the latest advances in radiation safety, this area lets you showcase your related products and services.  Exhibitors can interact with attendees -- doctors, influencers, radiologists, clinicians, scientists -- looking to build a culture of radiation safety in this one-stop destination.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Recruiters Row
RSNA is the gathering place for the top minds – and talent – in the radiology field. Recruiters Row is the perfect place for organizations like yours to meet them.

Other exhibit areas

Country pavilion

A country pavilion is coordinated by a government organizer or agent which brings together a group of companies on the exhibition floor. The following are required to be considered for participation: 

  • Letter of request from organizer/agent detailing requirements for their pavilion.
    • Pavilion size must be a minimum of 400 square feet.
    • Each individual company participating is required to occupy a minimum of 100 square feet.
  • A signed application/contract from organizer/agent indicating the requested pavilion size along with an appropriate deposit.
  • Each participating company is also required to submit an individual signed application/contract agreeing to abide by the RSNA rules and regulations.
  • Once the pavilion is assigned a hall and floor location, the organizer/agent will then need to furnish a detailed floor plan/layout for review and approval.
Educators Row

This special area in the South Building, Hall A, is designated for publishers and educational institutions. Inline and island booths can select Publishers Row at the time of application.

Pricing and regulations

The following prices are for RSNA 2020 traditional and special interest exhibit space. For showcase pricing, please visit the exhibitor showcases page. 
  • Exhibit space: $36.50 square foot
  • Premium inline: $39.50 square foot
  • Corner: $550 each (if applicable)
  • Second-level: $18.25 square foot
  • Contiguous aisle: $18.25 square foot

Download and review our exhibitor rules and regulations (PDF) for additional details.