Radigories Session, DEI Microlearning Now in Online Learning Center

New education activities available now

Sample Screen from Radigories

RSNA recently introduced RSNA Musculoskeletal Radigories (2022), a game-based learning activity available now in the Online Learning Center.

Based on the Jeopardy! game show format, RSNA Musculoskeletal Radigories presents a game board with categories and a range of point values. Learners access questions by selecting a point value from the board. Correct answers earn points while incorrect answers deduct points from the learner’s total.

After all category questions are answered and initial points are earned, the learner is given a final question and can wager on the final answer by designating a point value from the total earned points. Escalating point values and risk add to the fun.

10-Minute Session Addresses Key Ethics Issue

Also available through RSNA’s Online Learning Center is Workplace Microaggressions and Effective Bystanders. The new session is one in a series of microlearning activities offered by RSNA that cover important learning objectives in short blocks of time.

Appropriate for learners with limited time, the 10-minute session is aimed at improving diversity, equity and inclusion in the work place. Presenters explore a variety of scenarios featuring examples of microaggressions and provide guidance for planning how to react appropriately and effectively. 

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Access RSNA Musculoskeletal Radigories (2022) and Workplace Microaggressions and Effective Bystanders (2022).

Browse the complete catalog of available courses on the Online Learning Center at Education.RSNA.org